M38 FJ

M38 Fallschirmjager Helmet restoration–7 22 May 2019

One of the long waiting part of my restored FJ M38 shell is the fabric coated natural rubber liner padding set. Saw it on Fallschirmjager.Biz for many years, but not available when needed. Finally found one set at Facebook of FJ Werke (same guy), but it took whole month to deliver and almost lost as…
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M38 Fallschirmjager Helmet restoration–6 25 April 2019

The restoration of this FJ M38 shell is almost completed. Now its a factory new M38 helmet in semi gross Apfel Grün finish, double decal with type two eagle. Size 71/68. Size 68 liner with M38 type One chin strap. With early sand color cellulose pads. Still waiting for the prewar size stamps from Warhats.…
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M38 Fallschirmjager Helmet restoration–5 6 April 2022

To smooth the surface of a rough shell is the basic modelling skill of automobile models, not AVF or diorama modelling. The Metolux had already thickened the patched up area on both side and to thickened the top. Next step is to apply autofiller or bondo all over, sand smooth when dried overnight. Double checked…
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M38 Fallschirmjager Helmet restoration–4 1 April 2019

Sorry can’t please everyone, Restorer restore relics not rust relics collector. Most of my collection was dug out relics; antenna bases, antenna rods, spools, Abspuler, Aufsplur, fresh lights, FF33, DKE38, d2 small doors, battery trays……. all work very hard to restored it back to good shape and in full functioning conditions. This rusty bucket is…
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M38 Fallschirmjager Helmet restoration–3 29 March 2019b

The restoration didn’t stops there, I am intended to restored to as new condition, with liner and chin straps,with dry transfer early version eagle. Rust came back fast when dry with heat, but still have to remove the bolts and the band the crushed rim to normal position. It really Krupp steel, no way can…
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M38 Fallschirmjager helmet Restoration–2 29 March 2019a

To remove rust from this thin shell, Oxalic acid is the best choice and no strong smells and safer. But have no experience whatsoever, soaking seven days in the acid and one day in baking powder. The result was delighted, next step is to seal it off from element.

M38 Fallschirmjager Helmet Restoration — 29 March 2019

Fortunate enough to obtained this relic shell in very good price. It is a relic from Italy The corrosion is even and the cracks seems restorable, the seller said it is still strong. When opened the parcel found no new damage during the trip, and well protected by foam. Te seller was right, the shell…
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