Halter für Kochgeschirr

Mess Tin Holder (Halter für Kochgeschirr) Early & Late Versions

Early and Late versions of Mess Tin Holders in my collection. It is designed to hold one Mess Tin M31 (Kochgeschirr Modell 1931) only onto the wall of the vehicle. And without the mess tin leather carrying strap, as vehicle crews didn’t need to manpack the mess tin. Both hole diameter and distance are identical.…
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Mess Tin Holder (Halter für Kochgeschirr) Late Versions

When war goes on many German equipment  was simplified in designs and material. The ‘Halter für Kochgeschirr’ also went through the same evolution end up in abortion.   From the early version aluminum to the simplified late version in Iron. And totally eliminated of the item at late war period, the crews was obliged to store…
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Mess Tin Holder ‘Early Version’ Replica vs Original

First time saw this odd looking clip for holding the mess tin inside vehicles, proofed that another over engineering piece for such a simple task. The original is made of 4mm thick aluminum, not in right angle any more over the year. May be bend by crew or by the junkman, anyway it is still…
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