My Collection

French Binocular Clamp

This odd little thing turns your bino into a Wall-e like observing investment. The German adopted many French gears when they occupied France. But when the German binos and drums meet with the French clamp, everything are reversed. The 6×42 can be clamp in correct position, but the 7×56 has to be in reversed position,…
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My Restored K Blink set

Knew nothing and never dream of owning this little signal lamp before, until saw a K Blink up for sale on forum for high price and mentioned never seen another in the world, WOW! Later found a even more expensive set on ebay but incomplete. Days later surprisingly to found a k blink available for…
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My Torn Fu b1 Zubehör Box

Update on the b1 boxes, as too busy on the orders in hand, no further action on the b1 project yet. Better preserve the battle damaged scares, not to change the plates. This Zubehör box came from Russia, this is to match with my b1 S/E box and also a good reference for replica boxes.…
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Fabric by Bud L O’Toole-1

Bud O’Toole was the pioneer of the replica German camo, usually he bought an original for pattern, located the fabric then hire a technician to hand print the fabric. This was one of the tunic made by his pattern and Fabric in 1978; This was based on the pattern of the Denim tunic and built…
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Rkr31 complete set

The Rkr 31 Richtkreis aiming circle with its accessories and carrying case. The box been removed all details inside after the war and the optic unit been repainted in Norwegian green. Now almost back to its former glory and waiting for it rod stand to complete.  

My Torn Fu d2 replica, completed

I post this set on 2015 and still amazed how I went through this in my tiny room. It took me 18 months on this project, together with the electronics behind the front panel. Learned a lot and made many friends during the process. Years ago saw a replica d2 radio on forum and knew…
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