True Replica Plug Set on Panzer Personal Communication Set for just $40

Just top up only $40 from original price $81, when place new order for the *Panzer Personal Communication Set; to replace the POM nylon plugs by the *TRUE REPLICA PLUG SET Makes you set one step closer to original. *True Replica Plug Set—Two Prong Plug x 1. True Replica Three Prong Plug x1 *PPCS $640+$30=$670…
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Up Grade Plug Set for Existing Owners of Panzer Personal Communication Set

  The true replica plugs are one more step toward a perfect Panzer headset and throatmic. Now is the chance for existing owners of Panzer Personal Communication Set to UP GRADE their sets in discounted price. The DIY UP GRADE SET consist of: *TWO PRONG PLUG x 1 *THREE PRONG PLUG x 1 *Anchor wire…
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Coming Soon!! First product developed by our team in Malaysia. The Replica 4+4 plugs for signal instruments. These replica plugs are identical to original in design and material. The cast aluminum cases are same thickness to original. The core is CNC Bakelite able to withstand soldering heat. The banana prongs are all brass construction, the…
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Restock item–Latches DIN 3134 (Spannvershluss)

(June 2020) The long waiting latches Din 3134 been just restocked. Selling in group of four. Please visit our shop.  

China virus crisis symptoms.

Affected by Red China Virus Crisis the air parcel services are stood still. The only available Postal services is by Speed Post to some countries, and surface mail only to some other countries. Its pricey for small items, quiet fair for heavier parcels but still very slow. The other means is by couriers, which can…
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