Panzer Kopfhorer

Panzer Kopfhörer (Headset) for Smartphone

Panzer Kopfhörer (Headset) for Smartphone  It is a two way transmission in single wire. Able to speaks and hear with on single cable. With mini microphone and PTT with 3.5 mm jack for smartphone or to Iphone by a small convertor –optional $10 Comes with Black or Orange Brown rubber earpads. USD $218 plug p&p.

Panzer Personal Communication Set

    Panzer Personal Communication Set It is the second generation replica headset and completed with replica throatmic, able to connect to walkie talkie or smartphone via a unique junction box with belt clip and cables. Complete Panzer Personal Communication Set is $640 plus p&p. The set consists of: A. Panzer Headset replica with rubber…
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