Radio Related

Two prong Plug and Three Prong Plug Replica For sale NOW

Up on the market is the first project by our team. The high quality replica of the Plugs for Radio–(Stecker Funkgeräte). Made in Malaysia: Aluminum casting housing. Bakelite core. Brass banana prong. All identical to Original and as ROBUST as Original. Two Prong Plug –$38 plus shipping. Three Prong Plug–$43 plug plus shipping. Less 5%…
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Anweisung für Inbetriebnahme des Torn.Fu.Gerätes d2

Authentic replica Aide Memorie card for Torn Fu.d2. Buy one gets one free while stock last. Will send together a slightly error printed d2 card for insert into the frame, so the good card can be kept for reference. A must for every original and replica Torn Fu d2. Contain as follow: I Choice of site.…
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2B38 Dummy Battery

A must for every replica German radios and troop entertainment radios.Design for containing a rechargeable battery at behind for actual power supply. Direct copy for original, resin front plate with aluminium tray. Comes with brass conductive fittings and wire socket/plug set.  $98 plus p&p    

Acrylic lens (pair) for Torn Fu d2 replica resin front panel.

3mm diameter acrylic lens, exact size for replacement of the replica d2 resin front panel.   $30  per pair plus p&p  

Replica vacuum tube tester panel for Torn Fu d2

The original Zubehör box of Torn Fu d2 are always missing this tester panel, this exact copy fits all original Zubehör box. Its comes with original RV2P800 socket and tube(non functional) with hand painted letters panels. The indicator (Drehschauzeichen) comes in two choices; original or replica. Original indicator are still functional when supply with 12V…
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