Vehicle Mounted Gears

Mess Tin Holder ‘Early Version’ Replica for Panzer (Halter für Kochgeschirr)

Not an usual item or too common to foot soldiers, but on AFV and Panzer on prewar and early war period. This is the Mess Tin Holder early version. One Holder is for One Mess Tin. A Tiger I has FIVE holders for its crew. Original price–$158 Pre sale price–$138 For first batch of 30…
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WHR Intercom System 2.0 and 3.0 UPDATE

Since the first launch of the Junction Box on Autumn 2017, to connect the headset and throatmic with standard two and three prong plugs to the walkie talkie and smartphone. The demand of an intercom system was constantly received, as the walkie talkie are unable to function inside a Panzer. With the help from my…
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Panzer Headset/Throatmic Box for Open/Close vehicle

Replica Box for Panzer Headsets & Throatmics now available for order. Box body in 1mm steel and 1.2mm on top cover. Weight around 1.6kg. Latches made in Germany. Two versions available: *Box for Closed vehicles (Panzer) with latch without lock pad–$188 plus shipping. *Box for Open vehicles with latch with lock pad–$188 plus shipping (Pad…
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Latch with locking eyelet and hook system

Latch system with lock patch for WWII German storage boxes. In set of TWO (Two Latches and Two Hooks). A-70mm B-26mm C-4mm Made in Germany in original design. In Nickle plate finish. A must for restoration and projects. $35 per set plus postage.

Latch set of two for WWII German Radio and Equipment Boxes

Restocked   Latch system for WWII German radio/storage boxes. In set of TWO (Two Latches and Two Hooks).  A-70mm B-26mm C-4mm  Made in Germany in original design.  In Nickle plate finish.  A must for restoration and projects. $32 per set