China virus crisis symptoms.

China virus crisis symptoms.

Affected by Red China Virus Crisis the air parcel services are stood still.

The only available Postal services is by Speed Post to some countries, and surface mail only to some other countries.

Its pricey for small items, quiet fair for heavier parcels but still very slow.

The other means is by couriers, which can be trace all the way and charges are under or level to Speed post.

For those refunded cases and inquiries, all are well recorded for further follow up.

Here is a case took recently ended happily.

The lid of Fusprech a. was sold on eBay on 25 March.
Send out on 27 March by normal air parcel.
Parcel flew out on 7 April (ten days waiting in airport)
Buyer opened case on eBay on 19 May.
Refund made on 21 May (buyer promised to pay whenever received)
Parcel received on 6 June and received full payment back.
Took 70 days all over.

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