Fabric by Bud L O’Toole-1

Fabric by Bud L O’Toole-1

Bud O’Toole was the pioneer of the replica German camo, usually he bought an original for pattern, located the fabric then hire a technician to hand print the fabric.

This was one of the tunic made by his pattern and Fabric in 1978;

This was based on the pattern of the Denim tunic and built by Bud’s hand print fabric, I am not an expert of Waffen SS camo, so when Bud called it mottled pattern, its a mottled pattern. S rings was applied for secured the buttons, the round eyelets for the buttons was easily located in those days, but tried to searched of it recently but all in vain, all eyelet machines was gone, no one are able to provide such services.
Photo from Bud, just show me what is the original tunic looks like, this was my first time saw a mottled pattern in color.
Back of the photo was his old address in AZ, he was moving few times within a decade.
Bud was very proud of his fabric, always compared with the original, here was a SS Zeltbahn, which he called 1/4 and his fabrics, that’s why you just can’t tell its a repor after thirty years aging.
There was two smocks two M43 hats and one helmet cover in the photo, all made by Bud’s fabric, he wrote to use magnifying glass for details, now we could enlarge all pics on PC, but that’s was the only way to share information.
 Photo: Camouflaged Uniforms of the Waffen SS. Part one. ISO-Galago Publication

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