KMF2 or 4 Throat Microphone

KMF2 or 4 Throat Microphone

Very fortunate to obtained this rare throatmic, only learned from Nick Komiya, here is what he wrote:

The Super Rare Kmf.2, Germany’s first Throat Microphone

For more than 10 years, ever since reading, Hans-Joachim Ellisen’s, “Die deutschen Funknachrichtanlagen bis 1945, Band 3”, I had been aware of a grand daddy figure in the world of panzer throat mikes called the Kmf.2 (Kehlkopfmikrofon 2), but the way the author had described how the capsules were fastened to the spring-loaded neckband was beyond comprehension to me, and left it shrouded in mystery. I had totally given up on ever resolving this mystery, as Kmf.2 mikes were all supposed to have been recalled in 1937/38 for repair and upgraded to the new capsule arrangement. So, in principle, no Kmf.2 mikes should exist in its original form today and it was futile to even search for one.

But by a miracle, I ran into one and grabbed onto it like the Holy Grail. So here is the final chapter to “The Evolution of Headsets and Throat Mikes for Panzers (1935-1945)”, a chapter I never thought I could write in my lifetime. The text below is basically a summarized translation of the original German text by Ellisen from the book mentioned above.

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