Lantern Box 37 (Lat. Kast.37 Pi) Completed

Lantern Box 37 (Lat. Kast.37 Pi) Completed

This is a restored box, came empty and deformed, happened to found an incomplete set of replica partition kit from Germany, the most difficult situation was lack of details, eventually all wood works are done, all missing parts been built but the wood I can obtained is not as hard as the Germany made wooden parts in the kit, but easier to work with.
Even there is no instructions for the positions of the parts, but the German design was to pack everything as tight as possible, not a milliammeter to spare, one wrong move was affected the successive partitions.
Not everything is correct but it is the best I can do by my poor carpenter skill and ill equipped half desk workshop
By trial and error, filling the parts into their location bit by bit, finally all completed.

Empty the water level of the lantern before packing. 


1 standard lantern (with trench candle holder, candle holder support plate and candle holder tube).  

Accessories and storage parts: 

1 container, square, for carbide 

4 burners (71/2 Liter), for storage 

1 can for sealing compound

1 can for Stauffer grease 

4 trench candles 

1 hook, can be pushed on, for candle and trench candle use 

1 tube with burner cleaning needles 

12 candle, 21 mm diameter, 135 mm long 

1 leaflet 

1 ring (rubber seal) for carbide container, for stock 

2 rings (rubber gasket) for drip needle nozzle, for stock 

1 key for water tank, fastening screws and slotted nut 

1 side glass 56X88 mm, for stock 

1 T-panel with slide, for stock

1 front panel glass 72X79 mm, for stock 

1 front panel, blue 

1 front panel, yellow 

1 front panel, green 

1 front panel, matt white 

1 front panel, red


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