Laternezubehörkasten Bakelit

Laternezubehörkasten Bakelit

Everything started from this beautiful empty Bakelite box I obtained on winter of 2020, not until further study found I was so lucky to have every metal clamps intact and no crack on Bakelite walls.
Again, the German design made perfect but complicated product, this box is a typical case to well protect the fragile glass pieces and other accessories for the Bakelite Lantern.
My friend helps me to translated the contain list and found out it is almost an impossible task to find every pieces.
After months of search the contains in forms of original, relics, replica are filling up all clamps and slots, everything are tightly packed, even slightly changed the item positions the cover can’t be close.

4 burners (7 2/1) in stock
1 can of sealing compound for d. Burner seal
1 can of Staufferfett
1 trench candle holder *)
1 rubber seal for the carbide container of the lantern (for stock)
2 rubber seals for the drip needle nozzle (for stock)
1 wooden sleeve with burner cleaning needles
7 Candle (each 21 mm thick; 135 mm long)
1 Candle holder tube with a spring *)
1 Light holder support plate “)
1 leaflet
1 key for water tank fastening screws and slotted nut
1 glass side plate 56 x 88 mm for storage
1 glass front plate 72 x 79 mm for storage in insert for panes
1 attachment plate, green
1 attachment plate, red) = to Belonging to unit lantern.

4 Brenner (7 2/1) zum Vorrat
1 Büchse Dichtungsmasse f. d. Brennerabdichtung
1 Büchse Staufferfett
1 Dunkelfeindhalter*)
1 Gummidichtung für Karbidbehälter der Laterne (zum Vorrat)
2 Gummidichtungen für Tropfnadeldüse (zumVorrat)
1 Holzhülse mit Brennerreinigungsnadeln
7 Lichte (je 21 mm stark; 135 mm lang)
1 Lichthalter-Röhre mit Nachschiebefeder *)
1 Lichthalter-Trageplatte “)
1 Merkblatt
1 Schlüssel für Wasserbehälter-Befestigungs- schrauben umd Schlitzmutter
1 Seitenscheibe 56 x 88 mm zum Vorrat
1 Vorderscheibe 72 x 79 mm zum Vorrat im Einsatz für Scheiben
1 Vorsatzscheibe, g in
1 Vorsatzscheibe, re. )= Zur Einheitslaterne gehörend.

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