Long Way Home–My First Speisenträger

Long Way Home–My First Speisenträger

Almost every piece of my collection are come from other side of the globe, the postage always higher than the item itself.

But the ESSENTRAGER is another story.

As it took 67 days to reached me.

Not by surface post but by air parcel and spent 114Euro on postage.

I bought the Food container on 24 June for 150e with postage 50e to be send to my courier in Italy trying  to save some postage for this 6.5kg parcel.

It was sent out on 26 June by air parcel.

But reached Italy on 24 July on transit, 28 days on transit!!??

The Poste Italiane immediately arranged to return to sender!!!

Reason: “Not been taken over by our system”


Pics from sender after received returned parcel.

Nothing wrong with the box and lucky no damage on the goods.

The parcel then send to HK directly for 65e, how stupid I were, didn’t check and compare before hand.



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