Panzer Bino–German Hensoldt Wetzlar 7×56 Binocular

Panzer Bino–German Hensoldt Wetzlar 7×56 Binocular

Always trying to obtain one of this famous ‘Panzer Binocular’,  

May be its size it is a bit long for infantry use, but it fits with the Panzer commanders whose need a more powerful binocular to cover his range.

Eventually found this sweet 7 x 56 field glass and case  from a gun parts shop in good price.

Over all in good condition and the lens are clean and clear, only the paint on metal has a lot of wear.

Case needs re-stitching and carrying strap needs to be replace.

Strip off the old black paint on metal, sprayed matt black then semi gross clear.

Marking shown its a late war item: marked “Hensoldt Wetzlar  27942” on the frame  and “frn44” on the catch.

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