Panzer Headset Version P. and Version W. Upgrade

Panzer Headset Version P. and Version W. Upgrade

Many headset sold since the Panzer Headset version P –for smartphone launch at 2016 and followed by the version W–for walkie talkie.

When the Panzer Personal Communication Set available, there was a scheme to replace the earpieces of version P and version W by the new earpieces with 175cm Y cable with two prong plug for $50 by send back the old earpieces to my courier in Italy, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, UK and US for minimum postage cost, as the headbands are built for last and can be reduce weight on both trip.

The  new earpieces with new cable and plug will send back for actual postage.

According to my record the request ceased around end 2019, however many requests aroused recently, may be many old headsets changed hands.

As requested the replacement scheme is still carry on; $50 plus p&p and return the old earpieces for a new pair of earpieces with 175 cm long cable and two prong plug will send back to you or with your order.












The all steel headbands are robust and heavy, better separate it from the earpieces. 







Here is how to remove the earpieces without scratch the brackets.






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