Replacing the POM plug by New True Replica Three Prong Plug

Replacing the POM plug by New True Replica Three Prong Plug

This demonstration is for the replacing of the POM (Polyoxymethylene) plugs on the replica Panzer headsets with a modern two cores thin audio cable.

Not necessary to follow if the cable is thicker or in your own way to anchor.

1.To replace the POM plug version 1.0 or 2.0 by the new True Replica Three Prong Plug.


2.  Unscrew the screw on the housing, the plug is still secured by two pins at top corners, needs to open by insert a screw driver to force open it.

3. Cut off the three signal  wires from the banana prongs, cut of the anchor twisted wire and remove the collar ring.



4. Slide the black shrinking rubber tube upward by 3cm, chop off the nylon sleeve and separate and chop off the silicon tube and remove the outer layer of the audio cable.


5. The three cores audio cable has three color wires, in GOLD, BLUE and ORANGE.



6. To form three 3 to 4 mm round loops at the tip of the wires.

7. Solder all three rings to make it conductive.

8. Don’t forget to insert the plug housing to the cable before next step.

9. Secure the Y shape anchor wire to the vice or clamp.


10. Twisted the anchor wire tight, and put on the shrinking tubes on the wire and shrink it by hair dryer or hot iron for insulation, can use other means to insulate the anchor wire.

11. The audio cable is connected with the new True Replica Plug by connecting to the prongs.

From left to right: Orange, Blue, Gold.


12. Slide the housing forward and secure to the core by screw.


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