Replica vs Original Panzer headband and neck band

Replica vs Original Panzer headband and neck band

When design the replica headbands and neckbands of the Panzer Personal Communication Set for modern market, the size difference of the modern men must be put into account.

Here is a good comparison of the headband and neckband between the replica Panzer Personal Communication Set and the originals.

Both replica bands are modified to fits the modern men size, as we are well built and stronger than the soldaten on WWII.

Original headbands are too narrow and course discomfort when wearing for longer period. The neckbands are too short for modern neck sizes

Replica headbands completed with leather sleeves.

Left: Replica in U shape.
Right: Original in Omega shape.

Top: Replica parts can be interchange with original.
Bottom: Original parts.

Left: Original throatmic with rare three prong plug.
Right: Replica throatmic.
Replica neckband completed with leather sleeves.
Identical construction as original in four pieces.
Left: Replica.
Right Original.

Replica band increased 2.5c in width in 12.5cm

Original band is 10cm in width

Replica sliding straps are increased 1.5cm on each side.

The replica is wider than original.



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