Panzer Headset Earpads Adhesive test-1

It was the test on 2015 on the sample earpads, it is proved to be failed after a year when the glued earpads cracked opened after a month or two and claimed by the clients. Now all the black earpads are glued by Aron Alpha wood and leather instant glue, expensive but effective.   The…
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GD M36 tunic completion by Soldat FHQ

Original M36 tunic and medals from a GD soldat, Cyrus Lee of Soldat FHQ completed the document for medals and gave life to the tunic, the family now own a completed memory of their ancestor served in GD and fatherland. Here the project for the fallen Oberfeldwebel from IR GD. KIA during the Battle of…
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Fabric by Bud L O’Toole-1

Bud O’Toole was the pioneer of the replica German camo, usually he bought an original for pattern, located the fabric then hire a technician to hand print the fabric. This was one of the tunic made by his pattern and Fabric in 1978; This was based on the pattern of the Denim tunic and built…
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Leather works on headbands and neckbands.

Lots of leather works of Panzer Personal Communication Set, the headband and the neckband are hand stitching one by one. Headband takes 45 mins and the neckband takes 25 mins. Both identical to original

Bud L O’Toole–my friend my mentor

Bud L O’Toole Bud in a show on May 1981 in his Splinter outfit This was my 2004 post on my Blog ‘Unteroffizer Simon Klaus’. This is the one of the two photos I have of my friend Bud, in another pic he wore a big cowboy hat made a dark shade on his face.…
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Replica vs Original– Panzer Kopfhörer

Thanks to Mateusz Wasylko carry out the comparison of original Panzer Kopfhörer and my early replica Panzer Kopfhörer version ‘P’ for smartphone.. It is almost identical to original excepts the black nylon cable instead of cloth cover cable. Now the version ‘P’ for smartphone and version ‘W’ for walkie and the fully replica Panzer Kopfhörer…
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Happy Users

Over the year the most impressive moment was received feedbacks from clients. Many happy users showing my rubbers on their headsets, in their period outfits or in AFVs with my headsets and throatmics. Some hiccups from bad soldering, broken plugs and cracked rubbers, all been replaced and lesson learned  Its made my day every time.…
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Panzer Kopfhörer Replica

The Panzer Kopfhörer replica is 98% identical to original. headband parts are fits for original replacement, it is build for last and fits for field use. The entire headband are made of spring steel and the shape  is more wider to fits modern head size. With hand stitches genuine leather sleeve and rubber cushion at…
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