Felt Set for Headlamp Box

Was request by friend to supply the felt cushions for restore his box. The 5mm thick grey felt is pre cut to the following sizes: One piece of 145 x 50 x 5mm One piece of  80 x 50 x 5mm $5 plus postage. Related items: Stencil: https://www.whrestorer.com/stencil-for-headlamp-box/ Spare bulbs Container https://www.whrestorer.com/spare-bulbs-storage-block-for-headlamp-box/

Stencil for Headlamp Box

Beleuchtungsgerät für Strichplatte–Lighting Device for Reticle   Stencil for headlamp Box–$18 Related items: *Spare bulb container https://www.whrestorer.com/spare-bulbs-storage-block-for-headlamp-box/ *Felt Set

Stencil–Nicht aufs Feuer Stellen

Put on anything to remind the meatheads not to destroy the kit. ‘Nicht aufs Feuer Stellen‘  (Not to Put On Fire) -Stencil for Food container or on the 8L milk pitcher. Size 110 x 37mm on kraft paper, reusable for couple of times. $13

Pertrix Battery Boxes Replica

Pertrix Battery Boxes Replica. Two versions of Pertrix boxes are available, both are $12 each. The blue box is 250gsm, both ends need to seal by glue. The kraft box is 300 gsm can be stays in shape without gluing. A must to complete your collection or projects.    

Remote Control LED set for lantern

Remote Control Set for German Bakelite Lantern https://www.facebook.com/whrestorer/posts/1872359492946460 https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=946000279645501 US$38 plus *$9 p&p worldwide. Multiple units to be quote case by case. *(Due to China virus crisis, air flight may be delayed or cancelled, air cargo can be arrange to some country, please conform with us.) I accept Paypal: kuowailing@gmail.com   After posted my crazy…
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Latch with locking eyelet and hook system

Latch system with lock patch for WWII German storage boxes. In set of TWO (Two Latches and Two Hooks). A-70mm B-26mm C-4mm Made in Germany in original design. In Nickle plate finish. A must for restoration and projects. $35 per set plus postage.

Latch set of two for WWII German Radio and Equipment Boxes

Restocked   Latch system for WWII German radio/storage boxes. In set of TWO (Two Latches and Two Hooks).  A-70mm B-26mm C-4mm  Made in Germany in original design.  In Nickle plate finish.  A must for restoration and projects. $32 per set