Head Lamp

Original Bag for Headlamp

Lucky to encountered a post on forum concerning an unknown bag. All features are similar to the headlamp bag, after confirmed the size with the seller, the bag is reunion with the headlamps and the box. Made with water repellence material with markings– cmp 42  and WaA chops inside. The old man up there is…
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My Head Lamp Family

Picking up bits and pieces of relics for restoration over the years and scoring some goodies when the price is right. The little lamps are growing as well as the accessories, all of sudden they filled two full boxes. Now moved into its permanent homes. Happy to see them are back to their former glory…
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My Second Rubber Head Lamp (Strinlampe)

When I looked back the posts this morning, found out this perfect rubber lamp is my one and only good lamp bought. All my other three lamps was a relic or broken in one way or another, inclusive one harden pressed flat rubber shell which soaked to soften the shell but fell into pieces. Very…
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Second Headlamp Box Restoration

I have three headlamp boxes, only one came with partitions and label but rusty outside, which was restored in May 2022.  The second box from eBay in 2022 has marking: ‘Beleuchtungsgerät für Strichplatteä’ translated as ‘Lighting Device for Reticle’ but all partitions been emptied inside, it has good original paint and 90% of the stencil,…
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Wehrmacht headlamp (Strinlampe) Video clip

Restored Wehrmacht headlamp (Strinlampe). Back to its original function. This is a standard 12V bulb for period touch (flashlight) the housing has a clear plastic and a blue filter to soften the light. Check Video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0ACCKCb1lM

Rubber headlamp (stirnlamp) Restoration

A quick restoration of the rubber housing received on Friday (August 2021); was lucky enough to encountered a €9 ‘Buy It Now’ deal from a Russian seller, didn’t know there was a rubber version head lamp before working on the last headlamp. Recently a functional rubber head lap is selling for €400. The German rubber…
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My Head Lamps.

This headlamp from eBay had lost its left part, the strap and the rubber helmet support. Was in the corner for a while as no idea how to rebuild the lost part, all of sudden a Eureka moment reached, why not to attach an aluminum plate by screw to the Bakelite body, then top up…
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Beleuchtungsgerät für Strichplatte–Lighting Device for Reticle

Lighting Device for Reticle—a complete box This transport box contains a headlamp with a bakelite touch in a canvas bag, a battery box with three batteries to be use with a reticle lamp, 11 spare bulbs and 4 standard touch batteries. Most probably handed to who ever needed it for field use. Artillery, machine gunners,…
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Spare bulbs storage block for Headlamp box

Spare bulbs storage block for Headlamp box with 11x 6V bulbs–$83 Most of the survived ‘Beleuchtungsgerät für Strichplatte’ boxes been emptied the partitions, even with metal partitions the wooden block at the middle was useless to the new owners. For any restoration project, this block is a must. Related Items: Stencil for Headlamp Box http://Stencil…
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Headlamp Restoration–Lamp and Plug

Initially bought this relic for the battery box only for assembling a clip-on lamp for recital. Pay not much attention for the lamp, just throw it into my spare part box for a while, as both Bakelite surfaces are full of dents and the metal are in bad shape. Later dug the lamp out and…
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