Map Reading Related

Siemens Rotary Bakelite Pencils 1936-40 (7 December 2022)

One more self purchase map marking pen set by Siemens, came with original box.  

Eberhard Faber Taktik-Etui Nr. 542 Sets (2015, 2016, 2017)

The Taktik Eberhard Faber Taktik-Etui Nr. 542 A privat purchase map marking pen set, designed for usage within the Wehrmacht (Spezial-Erzeugnisse für die Wehrmacht). The pouch itself is designed to be worn on the belt or to be attached to a button on the uniform, the pouch is manufactured from high quality brown coloured leather.…
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Small Document Bag 10 July 2015

Got another similar bag size 50 cm x 30 cm., no handle. Should be a map storage bag for vehicle or HQ gear. Good markings, but needs cleaning. On the way to joint its big brother.

Document Bag (Not to fall into Enemy Hand)—6 June 2015

This is another missing album posted in 2015. Was my early restoration of leather on canvas. ‘Nicht in Feindeshand fallen lassen!’ are printed on the front bottom, must for containing some impotent documents or maps. Made by WALRAF RNEYGT or RMEYGT 1940 and WaA chop. It came in very poor condition, most of the leather…
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Self Purchase Secure Purse 21 June 2021

Obtained this sweet little purse recently, made of paper like material with two iron straps and four brackets for locking, with D.R.G.M. marking on the strap but in two different fronts. Possibly for transferring case or important documents, there is a uneven hole at the right end of the top iron strap may be intended…
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Original WW2 Era German Officers Wooden (Small) Folding Map Board 2 March 2018

Obtained this little map board recently, actually I am searching for large folding map board for long time, but still in vain. Never saw this before, should be a self purchase item. Very well made and in good condition. However German do made everything complicated. There are two sliding metal straps on the wooden frame,…
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