WR1 Door had duly came (5 October 2022)

Hallelujah!! The WR1 P had duly united with its door after separated for years. This is the original door for this box. I got the box for years, now the door came and my WR1 P is completed. Oh boy it is very heavy and huge.

WR1 dial light up like a Christmas tree (6 August 2022)

Glue on a LED strap to the dial, supply by a 3V DV independently, even with a dimmer control, it is still too bright and too toy feels. wondering to cover some kind of screen over the LED. But its fun.

My WR1/P in action (22 July 2022)

The unit is plug in 220v AC and the DC is cut off manually by the switch. Switched on the Power/Volume. Do note the selector switch starts from FM, first click AM and MP3 on third click. Bluetooth didn’t show, as the file is in my phone, when the Memory stick been removed, it will…
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The mounting of switches and circuit on my WR1/P (22 July 2022)

The mounting of switches and circuit on my WR1/P. Took me a while to figure out how to mount all the required switches onto the panel, as the steel front panel is huge and heavy, and the big box is difficult to work. The solution is to link two parts by long wires with connecter…
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Original WR1/P Front Plate (5 July 2020)

The WR1 box was sitting at the corner since the battery chambers installed. No motivation and time to build the front plate from scratch. Not until an original front plate available in Italy, and my friend P Acerbis pick it up and strip it down to reduce weight before sent to me. Sadly cancer took…
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Restoring the Battery Chambers (21 July 2019)

Spare some time to restore the battery chambers. There are eight pieces in more than two sets of chamber, but only can assembled one set according to the hinges positions. Actually the matching set was sent to Egon, but he sent it back after he found a box with chambers. Without this set, the restoration…
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Some where in Netherlands (17 April 2019)

Hard to find items sometimes pops up in pile. Look at these Philips Rudi WR1/P radios for sale in whole batch. Asked for €6K, way too high and mo room to storage. But still happy to know its survived decades after the war. Anyone bought it do sell me some small parts.

WR1 The box and Parts (13 May 2019)

The pivotal person to spark this project is Egon Kraaz, he made the resin parts from an original WR1 years earlier. And found two original WR1 boxes, and gave me one. I have a FM, MP3/Bluetooth circuit with extra long wires on switches for large WR1 panel. Also have the label set and dial from…
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WR1 & headsets relics lot (3 March 2017)

When I bought a panel and a d2 door a huge lot of relic came together, total weight reached 22kg. The metal parts of the WR1 was came with a lot of headsets earpieces, throatmic speech capsules and switches and some corroded d2 parts mixed with sand. Didn’t expected these parts became the sources of my…
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