Richtkreis Messkreis

Leather Carrying Pouch for Messkreis?? (May 2022)

This pouch was on eBay the seller listed as ‘Original WWII German transport leather box for aiming circle RK31 1939′. With markings ‘Wamp 1939‘. It needs some stitching when received, there are deep scratches at inside, as it was tight fits to the box.  A shaft stand at the bottom of the pouch. Quiet tight to…
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Messkreis group (January 2024)

The Messkries is always hard to find and expensive. My first one was restored from relic, hardly turning smoothly, later sold. Over the years found couple of good Messkries, mostly German and some French. Sold some and keep some for the optics and as pouch filling. Here are three of it, all German: *bmj may…
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Richtkreis Messkreis Restoration (February 2020)

The most essential part between the Scherenfernrohr and the tripod is the turning drum, Richtkreis Messkreis. This is another over engineering piece of the German gear, without it no degree can be read when turning the big rabbit ears scoops on top. My friend sent me two rusty relics of the drums, only one could…
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