Bunker Headset

Fhf 38d Replica VS Original

The Dfh.b (Panzer) replica headset is 95% identical to original already , and most of the parts are interchangeable to original. This Fhf 39d has only two extra parts superimpose onto the headband and one of the housing; * The funnel shape cable inlet and * Press plates to secure the cable onto the head…
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Bunker Headset Original Rubber

A rusty specimen of an original Fhf 39d on the market by ‘Kpemig’ showing there is a full filling of the earpads which is new to me. Unlike the earpads for the Dfh.b (Panzer headset in collector’s term) which are hollow inside, these foam like material wrapped by a thin layer of rubber skin may…
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Ffh 39d (Festungsfernhörer 39 doppelt) Bunker Headset

Searching  for this headset for couple of years, finally got this set but the last owner had modified it from five pins phone plug to audio two prong plug and still functioning. How lackey I were. Put on a pair of orange brown rubber pads to distinguish it from the Panzer headsets I own. It…
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