Other Items

Unique Imports Inc

Back to the 80s Unique Imports Inc, was one of the few American dealer published large colorful catalogue with photos, which was the bible during my youth, they offered discounts for their over stock items: Like; One German helmet for $19.90, two helmets for $35, three helmets for $50, but no size choice. Just those…
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Empty Socket Plug Set

Another scam case even not related but listed with the GLUE ON CABLES. Bought this period plug/socket set to be install onto the WR!/P Rudi troop entertainment receiver. But found out the socket has no conductive parts inside upon opened. The seller may be never checked whenever obtained, but will never know.

Boot Tree–Stiefelspanner Restoration

It was sent in a big box without cushions or protection, lucky to received in one piece. The left foot of the boot tree was broken in halve, it is holding together by a long nail horizontally. All the metal part are rusty but robust, one pin on the shaft is missing. Some wood warm…
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Boot Tree–Stiefelspanner

Looking for a boot tree for my JH Berger boots for a long time. This damaged German style Stiefelspanner appeared on FB for 40euro. Its broken in halve on the left side  with marking NORD-WE**, possibly NORD-WEST. Other marking at the under side are 5-42/43  and a bigger 50. It match my need even not…
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Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II [1926-2022]

Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II [1926-2022] We always missed you. My small collection and a tributes to our lovely Queen.