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Wehrmacht Handsirene JURK 1940

Totally restored this handheld siren, but no pics found to support it is an issued item to the front line troops or it is a Luftschutz item. However there is a Waffenamt mark found on the stand in double stamped WaA38. By JURK Sirenfabrik Radeberg (Sn) 1940, no.3424. It should be for troop level to…
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Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II [1926-2022]

Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II [1926-2022] We always missed you. My small collection and a tributes to our lovely Queen.

Small Map Board Self purchase.

This beauty is a lucky find on eBay with very good price, it can open and clip a map inside the frame. It should be a self purchase item of NCO or officers and first time encountered such a design. A very well made and complicate item for carrying a map in the field.  …
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Tramp grinders – a piece of war or nonsense?

Thank you for Fred Kvn to share with us this article which cracked the misty of the Trump Bakelite coffee Grinder. Here is the translation from the article in Czech on 2012. http://kvhwurm.cz/mlynky-tramp-valecny-kus-nebo-nesmysl/?fbclid=IwAR1zAykoBMQyoLu8jiFLsi6Erck7VI0gyI4MjVG0KdnVMWcIDOtaucPtHJM Tramp grinders – a piece of war or nonsense? A few years ago, a Bakelite grinder appeared on the auction server Aukro.cz…
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Tramp Coffee Grander and personal effects

B. O. Reisekaffeemühle Nr. 702 “Tramp” von ca. 1939-1950 Since post on my Page, most of the feedback are it is a post war item, but ‘Stefan Haüser’ said it is not the case, but he shut down his site “Die Nachrichtentruppe.de”. Anyone has the article saved? Below is an article from Old Coffee Grinder.com…
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Italian / German coffee grinder ‘Kaffeemühle’

Not much information of this cool looking coffee grinder, usually quiet expensive but lucky to found it in good price. Not for individual obviously, but for field kitchen or cook house, dimension 25×15×13 cm One of the seller has the following description: *Camp and trench coffee grinder of the Royal Italian Army, model 1905, made…
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