Radio Related

Stationuhr Pouch Replica

One of the best reproduction leather case for WWII German Station Clock (stationsuhr) –$195 Only few pieces was made by the master saddler on his busy schedule. A must to protect the Station Clock during transportation and to complete the collection of a Funker in German Army..

Spare Vacuum Tubes Roller for Torn Fu d2 Replica

Replica Spare Vacuum Tubes Roller for Torn Fu d2–$68 A must for every d2 collectors, the set will not be completed without it. With all correct markings and features. (Tubes not included) The roller in the top right compartment of the Zubehör box. It stores six RV2P800 tubes, two RL2T2 tubes and one microphone capsule…
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Pertrix Battery Boxes Replica

Pertrix Battery Boxes Replica. Two versions of Pertrix boxes are available, both are $12 each. The blue box is 250gsm, both ends need to seal by glue. The kraft box is 300 gsm can be stays in shape without gluing. A must to complete your collection or projects.    

Replica Knobs Pair for 2B38, 2B19, E.W.B….

Replacement Knobs for 2B38, 2B19 and E.W.B. etc. Resin replica Red and Blue pair with M6x5 mm brass shaft, with four brass washer and brass butterfly nut each.—$20 plus p&p. Best conductive functional knobs, ideal for project and restoration.


Bracket for five pins plug, identical copy from original with four spring plates to secure the plug. $98 plug p&p. A must for restoration or replica. Exact fits for original Tron Fu d2 Zubehör box. Optional in  ASSEMBLED or in PARTS form, as you may need to paint it to match with the box color…
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2B38 Chamber Replica for Torn Fu d2 Zubehörkasten

2B38 battery chamber replica for Torn Fu d2 Zubehörkasten. The replica 2B38 battery chamber to match with the d2 Zubehör box is now available. –$148 This is one of the hardest to find piece of the Torn Fu d2 radio, found one and only original since 2015. By the reference from original, professionally fold and…
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Torn Fu d2 Antenna and Antenna Rods Replica !!!NOW AVAILABLE!!!!

Torn Fu d2 Antenna and Antenna Rods Replica Made in Malaysia by imported aluminum alloy to match with original German grade. Due to complicated manufacturing process, only a small batch of items will be available. a. Single antenna mount———————$288 b. Full sets- Antenna with SIX rods——$580 No single rods will available from this batch. Plus…
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Index Frame A6 size

Index Frame A6 size–$23plus p&p. Size 124mm x 167mm. Made in Germany, identical to period product. Even holes are perfectly match my original lantern box 37. Fits Lat.Kast.37, Torn Fu d2 Zubehör Box and many other German cases. A Hard to find item for restoration.

Latch with locking eyelet and hook system

Latch system with lock patch for WWII German storage boxes. In set of TWO (Two Latches and Two Hooks). A-70mm B-26mm C-4mm Made in Germany in original design. In Nickle plate finish. A must for restoration and projects. $35 per set plus postage.

Latch set of two for WWII German Radio and Equipment Boxes

Latch system for WWII German radio/storage boxes. In set of TWO (Two Latches and Two Hooks).  A-70mm B-26mm C-4mm  Made in Germany in original design.  In Nickle plate finish.  A must for restoration and projects. $32 per set