Radio Related

Dfh.a Replica Three Versions Available (1 January 2023)

Same as the Panzer Kopfhörer Replica. The Dfh.a Kopfhörer replica also has three versions:   The Dfh.a with 170cm long brown nylon Y cable and true replica two prong plug–$168 (upgrade to textile fabric cable $20).       (Version T) The Dfh.a with a two way transmission in single wire with mini microphone and…
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Funkraumlampe Radio Room Lamp Replica

A true replica little lamp for radio stations, a must for every HQ and signal stations. All matter are identical to original; aluminium shade and body, iron rod with steel ball joint, steel clamp. Power by 12V DC battery. Only 20 sets made, just a few left.—-$300 Sold Out  

POM Nylon Plugs stock clearance

Stock clearance of POM Nylon plugs. Only a small batch available. Fits for any projects in economy prices. Two prong plug –$12 Three prong plug-$15 Comes with half assembled parts: POM housings pair with brass sleeve nut. Aluminum collar. Banana prongs. headless screws. Brass round head screws. Steel locking pins.

Dfh.a Headset Bulk Purchase Discount–23 November 2022

Group Purchase Discount for FOUR SETS and above of: Single Dfh.a headset –original price $168–group purchase discount price $140. (in 4mm brown nylon cable with spring steel headband OR leather headband)   Feind hört mit! Hand Microphone —original price $188–group purchase discount price $168. (in 5mm brown nylon cable.)   Throatmic–original price $250–group purchase price…
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Replica Pertrix Trays for Torn Fu d2 Zubehör Box—Pre Sale

The thin trays in the Torn Fu d2 Zubehör box are always missing or damaged and hard to find. Many requests for this replica tray, but my hasty hand made tray are not fits for the original radio collectors. Trying to produce the most decent d2 Pertrix battery tray for years by various ways but…
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Dfh.a headset replica—Pre-sale (Ended)

WH Restorer quality product –Built for Last New headset coming on the fourth week on October. Dfh.a headset replica.—$168 $168Upgrade to Texture Fabric Y cable +$20 Pre-sale special offer starts NOW!! For first TEN SETS–$150 In first come first serve basis. Deposit $50 to my Paypal. . Features: *Anodized aluminum housing, black POM nylon…
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Replica Aide Memoire Card Set of EIGHT cards

Replica Aide Memorie Card Set of EIGHT cards—$68 Ausbildungstafeln für das Nachrichtenwesen Training boards for communications I / 1a fernsprech – Stórungsdienst I / 1a telephony – fault service II / IIa Ausnutzung des Netzes der deutschen Reichspost durch die Truppe II / IIa Utilization of the network of the German Reichspost by the troops…
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Feind hört mit! Hand Microphone—Now Available

Feind hört mit! Hand Microphone —$188 Due to China virus and other unexpected factors, 13 months passed since last announcement. The long delayed Microphone is duly available now. Based on WH Restorer standard, it is designed to last and for work in field or for display. Features: *95% identical to original. *Robust Solid POM body.…
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Stationuhr Pouch Replica

One of the best reproduction leather case for WWII German Station Clock (stationsuhr) –$195  Sold Out Only few pieces was made by the master saddler on his busy schedule. A must to protect the Station Clock during transportation and to complete the collection of a Funker in German Army.

Spare Vacuum Tubes Roller for Torn Fu d2 Replica

Replica Spare Vacuum Tubes Roller for Torn Fu d2–$68 A must for every d2 collectors, the set will not be completed without it. With all correct markings and features. (Tubes not included) The roller in the top right compartment of the Zubehör box. It stores six RV2P800 tubes, two RL2T2 tubes and one microphone capsule…
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