New Made Items

Brieftaubenkäfig–Carrier Pigeon Cages

Fun project and also a communication gear in history—a ‘German’ Carrier Pigeon Cage Many thank for my friend made this Pigeon cages for me. To proof it is German found a 1:6 helmet for it. The message capsule is Swiss should be not period but more fun.

Torn Fu d2 replica trial run on first circuit

This was my first circuir for the replica Torn Fu d2 on 2015, what you saw was installed circuits behind the resin d2 front panel. The connections are the original antenna for walkie talkie and FM radio receiver. Walkie talkie,FM receiver circuit, Morse key circuit and MP3 curcuit, are all connected to the selection switch…
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Torn Fu d2 replica-the very beginning

It was on 2015, the very beginning of the Torn Fu d2 project, just found a resin front plate from Brad Blondet. This was what I wrote on FB: Searched on the net and wrote many mails to locate the resin front panel, after many months finally got it, but nothing moves and many air…
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My Torn Fu d2 replica, completed

I post this set four years ago and still amazed how I went through this in my tiny room. It took me 18 months on this project, together with the electronics behind the front panel. Learned a lot and made many friends during the process. Years ago saw a replica d2 radio on forum and…
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