Beleuchtungsgerät für Strichplatte–Lighting Device for Reticle

Lighting Device for Reticle—a complete box This transport box contains a headlamp with a bakelite touch in a canvas bag, a battery box with three batteries to be use with a reticle lamp, 11 spare bulbs and 4 standard touch batteries. Most probably handed to who ever needed it for field use. Artillery, machine gunners,…
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Richtkreis 31 (RK31) Leather Carrying Cases–2

One of the less known pouch is the lumination gear pouch for RK31 Lucky enough that I have chance to own three of these pouches: RK31 Lighting Gear Pouch group. Left to right. 1938 brown leather. 1936 dark brown leather. 1942 black Presstoff.

Richtkreis 31 (RK31) Leather Carrying Cases–1

Richtkreis 31 Leather Carrying Case (Cavalry?) Over the year picking up these leather pouches, some was in poor conditions and some been converted and stripped of the partitions for other use. Cleaned and restored one by one and link up together to form a system for the RK31. It is fun to carrying it when…
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German Headlamp–Stirnlampe

This item did not often encountered, a standard issue Wehrmacht headlamp (Strinlampe) designed to be fits on German M35, M40 and M42 helmets. This is a fun restoration (will be post separately)  and happened to have straps and 5mm cable around, the strap is not well design if it did not wrongly made, quiet easy…
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Panzer Bino–German Hensoldt Wetzlar 7×56 Binocular

Always trying to obtain one of this famous ‘Panzer Binocular’,   May be its size it is a bit long for infantry use, but it fits with the Panzer commanders whose need a more powerful binocular to cover his range. Eventually found this sweet 7 x 56 field glass and case  from a gun parts shop…
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French Binocular Clamp

This odd little thing turns your bino into a Wall-e like observing investment. The German adopted many French gears when they occupied France. But when the German binos and drums meet with the French clamp, everything are reversed. The 6×42 can be clamp in correct position, but the 7×56 has to be in reversed position,…
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Rkr31 complete set

The Rkr 31 Richtkreis aiming circle with its accessories and carrying case. The box been removed all details inside after the war and the optic unit been repainted in Norwegian green. Now almost back to its former glory and waiting for it rod stand to complete.