Throat microphone

Unusual Headset ‘LOL’

Friend sent me this pic. For sale in a small antique shop somewhere in Czech.

Relic Throatmic Housings

Obtained a relic lot to play with in my yard years ago. Made everywhere dirt and rust and wife almost kill me. The metal neck bands rotten away, only the Bakelite housing left behind, also the speech capsules dropped out when the retaining screw melted. Piece of the neckband steel is still sandwiched between the…
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Kmf.b changed to correct plug

The good old kmf.b came with a big brown plug, but I didn’t have knowledge then and looks good. Not until last month I had dug out a relic plug from my spare box and gave a new look to the set. Fun to put my first kmf.b (2016) and the latest replica Panzer Throatmic…
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Throatmic switches in my collection

Over the year collecting relics and swapping bits and pieces. Now looking back what I have collected found quite a few different versions of switches from the throatmics. And interesting to find all these big flat boxes are listed as Panzer throat microphone on eBay. Actually these are from the Flak headsets.   Left to…
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My first throatmic Kmf b

My first throatmic (Kmf b) from eBay on 2015, came without plug, bought any three prong plug available then to match with it. Based on this sample and other relic of neckbands, speech capsules and switch the replica throatmic had born. It is still on display in my room, but not until now recalled the…
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My Panzer Headsets and Throatmics collection

Over the years my collection of the Panzer Headsets is growing, started from relics Dfh.b to perfect Dfh.b then the Late war 44 Dfh.b and the most rare Dfh.d on last year. Was only concentrated on the most common throatmic Kmf.b, never dream of owning the prewar Kmf.2 and the Kmf.c.     Everything started…
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Kmf c throat microphone

Found this on eBay on 2017, another rare late war version with simplified switch, but neck band and speech capsules remain unchanged.  From Nick Komiya: Kmfa and Kmfb mikes were used in parallel until the end of the war, but for the Kmfb there was a simplified version called the Kmfc that omitted the push…
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KMF2 or 4 Throat Microphone

Very fortunate to obtained this rare throatmic, only learned from Nick Komiya, here is what he wrote: The Super Rare Kmf.2, Germany’s first Throat Microphone For more than 10 years, ever since reading, Hans-Joachim Ellisen’s, “Die deutschen Funknachrichtanlagen bis 1945, Band 3”, I had been aware of a grand daddy figure in the world of…
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