POM Nylon Plugs stock clearance

Stock clearance of POM Nylon plugs. Only a small batch available. Fits for any projects in economy prices. Two prong plug –$12 Three prong plug-$15 Comes with half assembled parts: POM housings pair with brass sleeve nut. Aluminum collar. Banana prongs. headless screws. Brass round head screws. Steel locking pins.

Dfh.a Headset Bulk Purchase Discount–23 November 2022

Group Purchase Discount for FOUR SETS and above of: Single Dfh.a headset –original price $168–group purchase discount price $140. (in 4mm brown nylon cable with spring steel headband OR leather headband)   Feind hört mit! Hand Microphone —original price $188–group purchase discount price $168. (in 5mm brown nylon cable.)   Throatmic–original price $250–group purchase price…
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Feind hört mit! Hand Microphone

Feind hört mit! Hand Microphone —$188   On WH Restorer standard, it is designed to last and for work in field or for display. Features: *95% identical to original. *Robust Solid POM body. *Metal mesh with ‘Feind hört mit!’engraved. *56dB Electric Microphone Pickup Condenser MIC *5mm dia x 155cm brown nylon mesh sleeve cable. *True…
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‘Feind hört mit!’ Handmikrofon cable

‘Feind hört mit!’ Handmikrofon cable with three prong plug set. Ready connected three prong plugs with correct 5mm diameter 165cm three core cable and 4 cm protection tension spring tube set. Best for original Hand microphone restoration. $68 per set plus p&p.

True Replica Two prong Plug and Three Prong Plug Replica

Up on the market is the first project by our team. The high quality replica of the Plugs for Radio–(Stecker Funkgeräte). Made in Malaysia: Aluminum casting housing. Bakelite core. Brass banana prong. All identical to Original and as ROBUST as Original. Two Prong Plug –$38 plus shipping. Three Prong Plug–$43 plug plus shipping. Less 5%…
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Junction Box

The junction box is designed for plug in the two and three prong plugs devices to connecting to modern walkie talkie and smartphone. The junction is fits for both original  or replica headsets (Dfh.b, Dfh.a, microphones and throatmics, even the Hap2 is working well with it. Or as a conversion project of your own. https://www.facebook.com/whrestorer/videos/912620849151723/…
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