Panzer Kopfhorer

Panzer Headband Replacement

Headband Replica for Panzer headset—$85 Our headband parts are interchangeable with originals, fits for restoration and project. All spring steel construction with hand stitches leather sleeve with cushion at top section, identical to original.

Original headset Y cable for sale

SOLD OUT Headphone Y cables for sale $65 plug shipping. New old stock unused unissued, period unknown. Fits for Dfh.a, Dfh.f or other headsets and restoration projects. Overall length 122cm. From earpiece to Y junction 4mm diameter. From Y junction to plug 6mm diameter. But too short for Panzer Headsets Dfh.b and Dfh.d. Special price…
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Panzer Headset Version P. and Version W. Upgrade

Many headset sold since the Panzer Headset version P –for smartphone launch at 2016 and followed by the version W–for walkie talkie. When the Panzer Personal Communication Set available, there was a scheme to replace the earpieces of version P and version W by the new earpieces with 175cm Y cable with two prong plug…
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True Replica Plug Set on Panzer Personal Communication Set for just $40

Just top up only $40 from original price $81, when place new order for the *Panzer Personal Communication Set; to replace the POM nylon plugs by the *TRUE REPLICA PLUG SET Makes you set one step closer to original. *True Replica Plug Set—Two Prong Plug x 1. True Replica Three Prong Plug x1 *PPCS $640+$30=$670…
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‘Feind hört mit!’ Handmikrofon cable

‘Feind hört mit!’ Handmikrofon cable with three prong plug set. Two connected three prong plugs with 165cm three core cable and 4 cm spring now on its way for Hand microphone restoration. $68 per set plus p&p.

Up Grade Plug Set for Existing Owners of Panzer Personal Communication Set

  The true replica plugs are one more step toward a perfect Panzer headset and throatmic. Now is the chance for existing owners of Panzer Personal Communication Set to UP GRADE their sets in discounted price. The DIY UP GRADE SET consist of: *TWO PRONG PLUG x 1 *THREE PRONG PLUG x 1 *Anchor wire…
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Two prong Plug and Three Prong Plug Replica For sale NOW

Up on the market is the first project by our team. The high quality replica of the Plugs for Radio–(Stecker Funkgeräte). Made in Malaysia: Aluminum casting housing. Bakelite core. Brass banana prong. All identical to Original and as ROBUST as Original. Two Prong Plug –$38 plus shipping. Three Prong Plug–$43 plug plus shipping. Less 5%…
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Junction Box

The junction box is designed for connecting two and three prong plugs device to modern walkie talkie and smartphone. The junction is fits for both original  or replica headsets, microphones and throatmics, even the Hap2 is working well with it.   It is fun to call someone by microphone or throatmic via this…
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Rubber ear pads for Panzer-Kopfhörer

Black and Orange Brown silicon rubber earpads for replica Panzer-Kopfhörer, will fits all original Panzer-Kopfhörer. Black silicon rubber ear pads (pair)–$40 Orange Brown silicon rubber ear pads (pair)–$40 Postage $9 to $12  

Panzer Kopfhörer (Headset) for Walkie Talkie

Panzer Kopfhörer (Headset) for Walkie Talkie The most popular first generation replica Panzer Kopfhörer (Headset) is for connects to Walkie Talkie. It is a two way transmission in single wire. Able to speaks and hear with on single cable.With correct diameter brown nylon mesh cable and  PTT and mini microphone at the Y junction  with…
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