Newsletter No.3 (8 May 2023)

Dear All, Things moving slowly but staidly on this Spring, new projects been delayed but still reached the market. My newsletter subscription is over hundred now, but do tell your friends to joint so we can keep in touch even Facebook close my Page. Here is what happened: Facebook AI Chain Dog   WH…
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Newsletter No.2 (10 January 2023)

Dear All, Best wishes on 2023 and keep our hobby energetic. Looking forward for a good productive year to come. The mailing list is growing healthily, thank you for your support. The update of new products are as follow:   Map board Apology again for the delay of the map board, which is moving in…
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Newsletter No.1 (22 October 2022)

Dear All, Thank you for joining my newsletter. Here is the first Newsletter. The long waiting Dfh.a headset replica will be available on next week, Please find details here: Replica vs Original The Dfh.a is also matched with the Throatmic replica, Handmic replica with junction box and different cable for smartphone and walkie talkie connection. More…
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