Amtszusatz 33

Amtszusatz 33 original label (21 January 2023)

Another bit and pieces restoration done. Searching for this for five years already. Thanks for Jara Elblik informed that this label is on eBay. A dug out from a rubbish pit from a Luftwaffe air base in Kurland. Simple restore and cleaning, the plate back to good shape. Only have brass round head slot screw…
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Wood Filler test on Amtszusatz 33 12 November 2018

First time tried to apply wood filler on the damaged spots on the wooden housing of the Amtszusatz 33. The scar on the right looks like insect bites, and some scratch marks on top right. Tried to patch up these scars, dried on 15 mins but its shrinks when dried, patched up three times until…
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Amtszusatz 33 11 April 2018

I am suspected that the scratch under the tag is intended to denazificationafter the war. The WaA eagle had been removed, and whatever reason, they just turned the tag around, didn’t throw away.

My Amtszusatz 33–3 11 April 2018

Wonderful thing happened. When I tried to took off the blank tag to take measurement for making replica tag, found it is actually the back of the original manufacturer label, almost in excellence condition due to facing inward for decades. Now I got the original tag in place and it is dated 1940. The old…
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Amtszusatz 33–2 11 April 2018

Received a replica tag for my Amtszusatz 33, just fits for the four screws holes. Secured it by M2 slot flat head screws from the headset parts. The tag is made by laser carving, the horizontal lines are excellence, but the vertical lines are loose, which should be the limitation of laser machine, moving horizontally…
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Amtszusatz 33–1 30 October 2017

This is one of the missing album, found the other post but missing 1. This pics are salvaged by searching in my page. What a waste to post on Facebook. The Amtszusatz 33 was bought from, everything in good order but missing the tag.