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M38 Fallschirmjager Helmet restoration–6 25 April 2019

The restoration of this FJ M38 shell is almost completed. Now its a factory new M38 helmet in semi gross Apfel Grün finish, double decal with type two eagle. Size 71/68. Size 68 liner with M38 type One chin strap. With early sand color cellulose pads. Still waiting for the prewar size stamps from Warhats.…
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China KMT M35 helmet –1

Never dream of owning this—Chinese KMT M35 helmet. Purchase from a Canadian Chinese collector in very low price. Was a semi relic found in rural Shanghai, been hasty repainted, with two manufacturer stamps ET62 and ET66, the 62 was a misstamp, the front is matching other existing KMT shells. The ET hating lot number ranging…
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Beleuchtungsgerät für Strichplatte–Lighting Device for Reticle

Lighting Device for Reticle—a complete box This transport box contains a headlamp with a bakelite touch in a canvas bag, a battery box with three batteries to be use with a reticle lamp, 11 spare bulbs and 4 standard touch batteries. Most probably handed to who ever needed it for field use. Artillery, machine gunners,…
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Italian Coffee Grinder Restoration by Home Made Metal Paste

When the grinder arrived, the round grinder cylinder can’t pull out, as the housing crushed some course by the trip and majority is the locking flap crushed through the thin sheet metal. The 1mm thick housing is not as robust as the German gasmask cylinder even it looks alike, but Italian product can’t match German…
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Headlamp Restoration–Lamp and Plug

Initially bought this relic for the battery box only for assembling a clip-on lamp for recital. Pay not much attention for the lamp, just throw it into my spare part box for a while, as both Bakelite surfaces are full of dents and the metal are in bad shape. Later dug the lamp out and…
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German Headlamp–Stirnlampe

This item did not often encountered, a standard issue Wehrmacht headlamp (Strinlampe) designed to be fits on German M35, M40 and M42 helmets. This is a fun restoration (will be post separately)  and happened to have straps and 5mm cable around, the strap is not well design if it did not wrongly made, quiet easy…
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Brieftaubenkäfig–Carrier Pigeon Cages

Fun project and also a communication gear in history—a ‘German’ Carrier Pigeon Cage Many thank for my friend made this Pigeon cages for me. To proof it is German found a 1:6 helmet for it. The message capsule is Swiss should be not period but more fun.

My Restored K Blink set

Knew nothing and never dream of owning this little signal lamp before, until saw a K Blink up for sale on forum for high price and mentioned never seen another in the world, WOW! Later found a even more expensive set on ebay but incomplete. Days later surprisingly to found a k blink available for…
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Torn Fu d2 replica trial run on first circuit

This was my first circuir for the replica Torn Fu d2 on 2015, what you saw was installed circuits behind the resin d2 front panel. The connections are the original antenna for walkie talkie and FM radio receiver. Walkie talkie, FM receiver circuit, Morse key circuit and MP3 curcuit, are all connected to the selection…
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