Under Helmet Headset

Dfh.a Under Helmet Leather Headband Replica Pre sale–22 November 2022

Pre sale ENDED   Under Helmet Leather Headband with Dfh.a headset Not only use on mine detector but good for any other occasions for wearing with helmet. This headband replica is accurately replicated in two layers of leather with non magnetize metal brackets. Extended 10 cm addition length on chin strap to fit modern head…
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Dfh.a Under Helmet Headset–27 September 2021

Found this beauty on a FB sale but too late as sold to other. My friend loan me a brand-new pair but without cable from his collection. It is from the German Frankfurt 42 landmine detector set, but interesting to see the Dfh.a been adopted for this set, it is actually a 75 cm long…
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