Video clips

Cardboard Loudspeaker WL SpKI replica.2.0 Bluetooth

The completed painted box by laser cut compress board to replaced the cardboard, which is more robust and long lasting. Designed to be plug into any period radios to amplified the audio signal or switch to Bluetooth mode to connect to your phone for any period broadcast.

Panzer Headset Replica Version W in Action

Happy user feedback from Danmark. Out Panzer Headset Version W in action in Silkeborg Bunkermuseum event, on 16-17 September 2023. Luckily it took only 5 days to reached there by normal air parcel. Here is the video clip of the event: ( From Silkeborg Bunkermuseum) Pz Headset Version W in action from Happy User:…
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Empty Socket Plug Set

Another scam case even not related but listed with the GLUE ON CABLES. Bought this period plug/socket set to be install onto the WR!/P Rudi troop entertainment receiver. But found out the socket has no conductive parts inside upon opened. The seller may be never checked whenever obtained, but will never know.

Dfh.a Original Earpieces Restored

The pair with cut cables are the best preserved, the housing with clear markings and WaA chops., also has the original spring. The vibration plates and the coils are clean, both vintage wiring and anchoring  are a masterpiece which I am not capable to copy. After removed the old cables it is ready to install…
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WWII German Troop Entertainment WR1/P Replica Clip

My years long restoration of the German Army Troop Entertainment RadiWR1/P With modern circuit. For more details do visit here:

Aufspuler für leichte Feldkabel Video Chip

Two clips here. For more information, do check here.    

Siren in Action

The siren working well. But didn’t try it outdoor to scare my neighbours  This clip was taken in my TV room. First time tried to pull the switch to maximin, IMO it was not too loud, may be should turn it faster. More posts here: