kleines blinkgerät K Blink Post for PK (March 2024)

Another amazing photo of the K Blink in action from the same collector. A perfectly post for magazine cover or for PK (Propagandakompanie).  And everything are looks brand new. The Obergerfreiter is wearing a Feldbluse 1934 with early shoulder boards with possibly hand sewn 14 (IF 14–14. Infanterie-Division)? With bottle green collar and Third Reich…
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K Blink Mounted on K98 Bayonet Field Test (March 2024)

Hardly wait to try to mount the K Blink to my period bayonets and use it as a ground spike outside my yard. Initially the K Blink spike was designed to fits the WWI M1898/05 bayonet, but I dare not to stick my saw back 98/05 into the soil. I have two M1884/98 K98 bayonets,…
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K Blink Mounted on K98 Bayonet (March 2024)

The K Bling in action pics are rare, only found two from FB years ago. When I received this pic form a photo collector of German communication gears, I was jumped to the celling. This party was posted for a group photo during the training of K Blink. There are two K Blinks at the…
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kleines blinkgerät K Blink Training (Febuary 2024)

Recalled I have these pics of K Blink training, spent weeks to went through my files in PC, new and old phones, back up hard disc and memory cards but in vain. Was so happy when found it in my tablet. Painful lesson learned from bad filing system. It was downloaded from FB on 3…
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kleines blinkgerät–Small Flashing Device Family (Febuary 2024)

First time the Battery Pouch meet the Generator pouch. Took a family photo together with the Tripod for K Blink.

K Blink Hand Crank Generator Pouch Conversion –In Action (Febuary 2024)

Kurbelgenerator zum kleinen Blinkgerät der Wehrmacht ( K-Blink)  The first display of the K Blink on tripod and plug in to the hand crack generator (Kurbelgenerator). Took me four years to reached this. And it is a functioning set!!  

K Blink Hand Crank Generator Pouch Conversion –The Adaptation (Febuary 2024)

The generator is perfectly fits for the pouch. Which I didn’t know about it in the first place. The hole for the cranking arm had opened larger than the samples in photos. The installation was not perfectly smooth as errors in measurement. But duly on place and locked tightly each other as a single unit. 

K Blink Hand Crank Generator Pouch Conversion –The Matching Pair (Febuary 2024)

The pouch and the generator both are ready for marry. The only preparation of the generator is to remove two screws second from top, and four socket nuts, must identify the 4mm and 5mm openings.

K Blink Hand Crank Generator Pouch Conversion –The Process (Febuary 2024)

There are slightly different after studied the details of two more pics found on line. Which indicated that no straight pattern on the conversion. The aim is to secure the generator with the bag by two M4 x 20 slot sink head screws and washers through the bag. And four 12 x 18 x 0.5…
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K Blink Hand Crank Generator Pouch Conversion –The Layout (Febuary 2024)

I have two empty K Blink pouches and one and a half hand crank generator. But not enough information on to put it together, only knew this was a conversion from the original battery power pouches. Until May 2022 received six pics of the converted pouch with the generator. I have few days off during…
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