Lone Sentry with Siren (10 June 2023)

The first pic proofed that the Handsirene was issued to the troop. This lone sentary is manning an AA ditch equipped with a MG34 with AA sight but no tripod or mount around. He is a Heer-Unteroffizieranwärter (one strap on shoulder boards). He has a 6×30 dienstglas on his chest and helmet on his left.…
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Ringstand 58c (10 June 2023)

Thanks for Maciej Tylec to sent me the link of the concrete ditch is actually the Ringstand 58c. He suspected that there is a gun mount on the concrete, but I saw a sling from the tiny pic. The shelter had two compartments: the lower one, which contained, among others, an ammunition depot and an…
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Wehrmacht Handsirene JURK 1940

Totally restored this handheld siren, but no pics found to support it is an issued item to the front line troops or it is a Luftschutz item. However there is a Waffenamt mark found on the stand in double stamped WaA38. By JURK Sirenfabrik Radeberg (Sn) 1940, no.3424. It should be for troop level to…
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