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Feind hört mit! Hand Microphone was in WHITE letters (9 January 2023)

The letters on the red PTT button of the first batch hand microphone was painted in black wash, as all my four original samples are in that color. But Thomas told me that all letters was in WHITE, the dark grey to black are actually the dirt accumulated over the decades. That’s why this batch…
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Test run of the Pertrix tray.

Test run of the press molding. Almost as good as the original. Sharp, Clear and Deep press lines.

Replica vs Original Dfh.a headset

Replica vs Original. Dfh.a headset. Original at left. Replica at right. Almost all identical with additional length on extension slides, fits for modern head sizes with hats on.

Torn Fu d2 Antenna & Rods Replica

Our antennas mount and rods are almost identical to original  and most accurate replicated, the rods can be fits to insert to original mount and vice versa. Original and replica rods also fits each other well.  Good conductive through out the tip of the antenna to the prong plug as well as at the tip…
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Torn Fu d2 antenna set

  After many failing attempts and years of research and fine turning with the painful sacrifice of original relics. The long waiting antenna set –Torn Fu d2 is under production. Made in Malaysia by imported aluminum alloy. (Non-China) We are not attempted to disturb the market and to prevent it been marks as original in…
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Stecker Funkgeräte Replica vs Original

Its time to compare our hard work product–the Two prong and Three prong Plugs to Original. Show here is the Original Hap2 set , the Hand microphone and the Panzer Headset. Our plugs also have the anchor screw as original. Photos tells it all.