Field Phone

Field Cable Connection box (Feldkabelanschlusskasten)–1 (11 Nov 2018)

Obtained this Feldkabelanschlusskasten from Germany, covered with thick dust and rusty cover. Its made of two different grade of Bakelite formed the base, panel and knobs. The metal cover has some minor deformed over decades, some jointed had expended by water, rust expends and pushed the spot welds aparte. Not that difficult to restore. Should be…
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My Completely Restored Strap Connector ‘Kammleiste (neuer Art) (19 April 2023)

Happy to finished the restoration. The whole unit is back to life, it is functional and in like new condition. Except the frame is a bit deformed, no longer straight, but the ‘Fingers’ was clamp on the ten line switch board to dry, made it fits perfectly. The broken label had also cleaned and restored,…
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Strap Connector ‘Kammleiste (neuer Art)’–3

Two batches of replica connectors  ‘Fingers’ Made drawings for laser cut before actually pull out one single piece of rotten ‘Finger’ was a huge mistake. German design was never that simple, there are a shaft went through each connector to secure its position and anchor for pulling. The first batch (20 pieces) was unable to…
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Strap Connector ‘Kammleiste (neuer Art)’–2

Cleaning the Relic Just completely restored the Kammleiste. Let’s looking back when its status when received, as Petr was unable to restore it, he gave it to me on  2020. It was full of dirt and rust, after pick out all the hard dirt spray it by water and liquid soap. Amazingly found all 30…
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Strap Connector ‘Kammleiste (neuer Art)–1 (16 March 2023)

In memory of Petr Kadkik ( Garnder). He gave me this Strap Connector ‘Kammleiste (neuer Art)’ years ago, it is in relics condition, and I had no idea how to restore it. Not until this February I figure out the connectors can be cut by laser provided that the old connector can be remove without…
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Amtszusatz 33 original label (21 January 2023)

Another bit and pieces restoration done. Searching for this for five years already. Thanks for Jara Elblik informed that this label is on eBay. A dug out from a rubbish pit from a Luftwaffe air base in Kurland. Simple restore and cleaning, the plate back to good shape. Only have brass round head slot screw…
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The work of Jara Elblik–Small Switch Board for 5 lines–2 27 November 2022

Klappenschrank zu 5 Leitungen   The housing and front plate also built from scratch , cut and bend manually. Interesting to put his text together and the details of assembling over the months. Here is what he wrote: It’s Easter now and I’m still making the switchboard. I made a new frame and back cover…
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The work of Jara Elblik–Small Switch Board for 5 lines–1 27 November 2022

Klappenschrank zu 5 Leitungen  Most impressed of the work of Jara, he even built a functional Klappenschrank zu 5 Leitungen  out of relic and the leftover material from the ten lines. Took him months of work since Spring, produced the front plate and completed the wiring, which is not an easy job he said. Here…
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The work of Jara Elblik–3 11 January 2021

I recalled my minor repair of my Klappenschrank was a nightmare but his rewiring the whole unit is amazing, some of the rusty magnetic units had bee cleaned and still functional, and replaced some good magnetic units until all ten are good. Now the Klapp is as good as new and functional, his next plan…
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The work of Jara Elblik–2 11 January 2021

Lucky he got all of the metal parts from the old wooden housing. Together with the wooden outer housing I found and his old wood from a Polish donor box the wooden housing had completed. Final step is to unify the color of all wooden parts.