Torn Fu d2 set

My completed replica Torn Fu d2 under the sun 30 Sept 2016

This is the lost album on my FB Page. Which is my first built of the 1:1 scale radio with replica and relic parts. With circuit and walkie talkie installed, functioning well with original headsets, microphone and morse key. This is where the WH Restorer started. The d2 set are completed and took photos under…
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Torn Fu d2 -Circuit 2.0-Mounting on Panel (7) 23 January 2016

The MP3 circuit had short circuit, the switches are conducting with the aluminum mounts, the only way is to change the pair of selecting switches. Spent days to search locally but in vain. The only way is by mail ordering, just 30 cents each, so bought a dozen. Now the MP3 circuit is back to normal.

Torn Fu d2 -Circuit 2.0-Mounting on Panel (6) 21 January 2016

To secure the trial walkie talkie to the box by Velcro straps.

Torn Fu d2 -Circuit 2.0-Mounting on Panel (5) 20 January 2016

Its time to connect the walkie talkie, Per suggested to use a vantage 1960 10 channel walkie talkie, but can’t figure out how to convert and wiring. Now trial on a cheap China made walkie, which came with a modern mini headset with mic built in. Didn’t notice that the China made walkie has a…
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Torn Fu d2 -Circuit 2.0-Mounting on Panel (4) 19 January 2016

Phase one completed 90%, (damaged the Morse circuit), the other functions are quiet stable now.

Torn Fu d2 -Circuit 2.0-Mounting on Panel (3) 18 January 2016

Cheap trick to connect the SD card to the MP3 circuit. When the SD card plugged in, its became master of the circuit, FM radio will be suppressed. The easy to change the card is from the hole under the panel, and not easy to be detected. (if in black )

Torn Fu d2 -Circuit 2.0-Mounting on Panel (1) 15 January 2016

Very busy week, but tried to mounting the circuit broad onto the panel, and tidy up the long wires, made many errors and damages some soldering. Most important is to align the rotary selector switch, as it is limited within 180 degree, but unable to match with the wordings. On and off it took me…
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Torn Fu d2 replica trial run on first circuit

This was my first circuir for the replica Torn Fu d2 on 2015, what you saw was installed circuits behind the resin d2 front panel. The connections are the original antenna for walkie talkie and FM radio receiver. Walkie talkie, FM receiver circuit, Morse key circuit and MP3 curcuit, are all connected to the selection…
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Torn Fu d2 replica-the very beginning

It was on 2015, the very beginning of the Torn Fu d2 project, just found a resin front plate from Brad Blondet. This was what I wrote on FB: (Nowhere to find this post on my FB Page its just disappeared. Saving my posts is essential) Searched on the net and wrote many mails to…
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