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Replica Pertrix Trays for Torn Fu d2 Zubehör Box—Pre Sale

Pre sale ended.   The thin trays in the Torn Fu d2 Zubehör box are always missing or damaged and hard to find. Many requests for this replica tray, but my hasty hand made tray are not fits for the original radio collectors. Trying to produce the most decent d2 Pertrix battery tray for years…
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Dfh.a headset replica—Pre-sale (Ended)

WH Restorer quality product –Built for Last New headset coming on the fourth week on October. Dfh.a headset replica.—$168 $168Upgrade to Texture Fabric Y cable +$20 Pre-sale special offer starts NOW!! For first TEN SETS–$150 In first come first serve basis. Deposit $50 to my Paypal. kuowailing@gmail.com . Features: *Anodized aluminum housing, black POM nylon…
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Original headset Y cable for sale

SOLD OUT Headphone Y cables for sale $65 plug shipping. New old stock unused unissued, period unknown. Fits for Dfh.a, Dfh.f or other headsets and restoration projects. Overall length 122cm. From earpiece to Y junction 4mm diameter. From Y junction to plug 6mm diameter. But too short for Panzer Headsets Dfh.b and Dfh.d. Special price…
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True Replica Plug Set on Panzer Personal Communication Set for just $40

Just top up only $40 from original price $81, when place new order for the *Panzer Personal Communication Set; to replace the POM nylon plugs by the *TRUE REPLICA PLUG SET Makes you set one step closer to original. *True Replica Plug Set—Two Prong Plug x 1. True Replica Three Prong Plug x1 *PPCS $640+$40=$680…
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Panzer Personal Communication Sets on feldgrau

The headsets, thraotmics ,rubber earpads and the junction boxes with two difference cables. All can be purchase as a set or in single piece, depends on what you need. Non stop assembling orders in hand before starts new projects, the throatmics alone are going fast,needs to assemble five more to match the sets. Rubber earpads…
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Restock item–Latches DIN 3134 (Spannvershluss)

(June 2020) The long waiting latches Din 3134 been just restocked. Selling in group of four. Please visit our shop.  

China virus crisis symptoms.

Affected by Red China Virus Crisis the air parcel services are stood still. The only available Postal services is by Speed Post to some countries, and surface mail only to some other countries. Its pricey for small items, quiet fair for heavier parcels but still very slow. The other means is by couriers, which can…
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Panzer Personal Communication Set

    Panzer Personal Communication Set It is the second generation replica headset and completed with replica throatmic, able to connect to walkie talkie or smartphone via a unique junction box with belt clip and cables. Complete Panzer Personal Communication Set is $640 plus p&p. Optional: to replace the POM nylon plugs by the ‘TRUE…
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