Juwel 33- Funnel

Finally the funnel came, my Gustav Barthel Juwel 33 is almost completed, picking up bits and pieces to complete the spare part box, some parts are not for 33. Bit by bit the set comes together. That’s the joy of collection. But waste a lot on useless parts and postage. Its fine as long as…
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Juwel 33

Thanks for Fritze Knie to found me the Juwel 33 stove and guild me to start up the fire. I was almost purchase a Juwel 34, and he stopped me in time. Was knew nothing between the 33 and 34 then. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b422zd0t-W4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5gIV3CZsaA

Bunkerofen Wehrmacht with Pipes

To complete the bunkerrofen a pipe with rain hood are needed. From the opening at the top of the oven the required size is 7.2cm diameter. Amazingly it is easy to found on Amazon, eBay and individual sellers as well as China. The correct term is stove pipes or chimney pipe for wood stove in…
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Bunkerofen Wehrmacht

To get approval from wife to store the bunker oven indoor, must deal with the rust properly, happened to found the ‘Rost-Oleum High Heat Coating spray’ claimed to be withstand 1000°F 538°C, which should be safe for burning wood and charcoal in such low air flow, also to protect from rust. Upon dissembling found the…
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Bunkerofen Wehrmacht –a Rusty Bucket

Received my month late birthday (2021) present today from Volgograd Russia, the German Bunker oven, gross weight 11kg, the big parcel had a safe trip and the over was well protect by a thick foam roll. Size is must smaller than expected (55 x 35cm dia), when assembling and dissembling it found it was very…
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