Headsets and Microphones Technical Data

Original Dfh.a on Leather Under Helmet Headbands

Both restored original Dfh.a ear[pieces are mounted onto the leather under helmet headbands. The functional one is on the replica headband. The display set is mounted onto the original headband. Immediately the different are shown, the original leather is too short for modern head size. The replica headband is long enough to wear. https://www.whrestorer.com/category/shop/shop-radio-related/dfh-a-shop-radio-related/  

New Speaker for Panzer Headset to match with Intercom System

To match with the new Intercom system with volume adjustment knobs. A new thin 8 ohm 1.5W speaker is introduced to replace the old 6 ohm 16mm speaker. As the rubber earpads made the speaker away to the ears and forms a chamber for trapping sound, It allows the adjustment of the volume to counter…
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How to mount Dfh.a and Dfh.f earpieces onto leather under helmet headband

Feedback coming in from buyers after received leather under helmet headbands. Concerning mounting their original Dfh.a or Dfh.f headsets onto the harness. The steps are as follow:   1. To remove the pair of housings from the spring steel headband. 2. To unscrew the Bakelite earpieces from the housings, some difficulty may encountered to loosen…
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Panzer Dfh.b Version P &version W Today (17 January 2023)

Three headsets are on its way to new homes. These are the hot selling headsets since launched on Sept 2016 long before the full set available. It is a two way transmission in single wire. Able to speaks and hear with on single cable. And both are upgradeable to single way headset with two prong…
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All Kind of Brown Nylon Cables (2 January 2023)

Working on days to assembling cables with brown nylon sleeves according to orders. All with matching plugs for difference purposes. All cables are 4mm in diameter, only the hand mic is in 5mm diameter which is a nightmare to assemble. ‘

Dfh.a Replica Three Versions Available (1 January 2023)

Before goes into the difference version of the Dfh.a replica headsets.  Let’s check the comparison between replica and original. https://www.whrestorer.com/replica-vs-original-dfh-a-headset/ Same as the Panzer Kopfhörer Replica. The Dfh.a Kopfhörer replica also has three versions:   The Dfh.a with 135cm long brown nylon Y cable and true replica two prong plug–$168 (upgrade to textile fabric cable…
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The mounting of rubber earpads onto Dfh.a Kopfhörer (21 December 2022)

Yes and no to mount the rubber; The headband of the Dfk.a is close to head shape, there are no room for the rubber earpads. The earpiece of the Panzer Kopfhörer is 65mm in diameter. The earpiece of the Dfh.a is 63mm in diameter. The rubber earpads are designed to fits 65mm earpiece, so it…
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Leather Stitching–Headbands–Neckbands (9 December 2022)

More leather stitching works on headbands and neckbands. Then Panzer headset, throatmic and Dfh.a all need leather sleeves. Mass production factory do have machines to handle it. But all I have are my hands and time . Average 30 mins per neckband and Dfh.a headbands. But Pz headbands needs do needs 40mins plus provided that…
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Our Panzer Personal Communication Set on Youtube

My Youtuber friend Neo035 is happy with my Panzer Personal Communication Set. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atAi8zfPNnQ

The Museum Of American Armor

Most delighted to share these pics. Our ‘Panzer Personal Communication Set‘ are in use by The Museum of American Armor. Their Tiger I and StuG are equipped with out sets. Wish I could place a visit there and take a ride on it. Check it out. https://www.museumofamericanarmor.com/history