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Mess Tin Holder ‘Early Version’ Replica for Panzer (Halter für Kochgeschirr)

Not an usual item or too common to foot soldiers, but on AFV and Panzer on prewar and early war period. This is the Mess Tin Holder early version. One Holder is for One Mess Tin. A Tiger I has FIVE holders for its crew. Original price–$158 Pre sale price–$138 For first batch of 30…
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The DC Bell Replica Der Gleichstromwecker

The DC Alarm Bell replica is available now–$168 The DC bell is 12V and in 2″ diameter. The wooden boards and connector parts are all accurately reproduced. The mask is also identical to original. A must for the kleiner Klappenschrank zu 10 Leitungen setting. Testing Clips Clip of DC Bell wall mount in operation…
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Junction Box and M cable for Motorola Walkie Talkie

The Junction Box and Cable for Motorola Walkie Talkie are available now. To distinguish the existing cables the new names are as follow: K1cable–for  walkie talkie with Kenwood K1 socket. M cable–for Motorola and SMP walkie talkie with Motorola sockets P cable–for Smartphone with 3.5mm socket or USB C socket.(Not fits for Motorola Junction at the…
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Map Case Insert

One more new item for our Map Reading Series. A must for every map case–The Map Case Insert Replica. In genuine leather and heavy duty transparence construction—- $38    WHR 1938

The True Replica 4+5 Power Plug

The True Replica Power plug is available now. 5mm and 4mm brass cores with Beryllium copper straps. Beryllium copper features best elasticity and conductivity. Single plug $54 Ready made Plug with 6mm cable x 50cm with leather enforcement $38 + $54=$92 Special Promotion price $88. The power plug for optic lighting devices is always a…
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Special offers for Map Board owners

To match with the Kartenbrett Heer Map Board replica. There are a special offer for the Map Board owners:   *KW27 Protractor Set will deduct to $138  Card set only will deduct to $70   *Artillery Range Ruler Replica will deduct to $58 Both can be send together with the Map Board replica.…
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Junction Box with Mini XLR 5 Pin Socket

This is not an usual Panzer Personal Communication Set, the junction box had installed a Mini XLR 5 Pin Socket and has no walkie cable or phone cable. As requested by an organization with replica StuG III to install a special socket to our junction box in order to connect to their existing radio equipment.…
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Telephone Troop Second Model Original Protection Glove

Second Model Protection Glove for working with telephone wires–$58 Postwar Czech Military surplus with marking ZAZ TŘEBECHOVICE and some with cross daggers. ZAZ in leather city TŘEBECHOVICE of Czech Republic. Identical to period Handschuh of Heer Frensprechtrupp. New old stock never been use with storage marks. Leather still soft and strong, ready for action. Only…
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Artillery Range Ruler Replica.

The long waiting Artillery Range Ruler Replica is duly available..—$68 Only a small batch had been made, as price can’t comes down as the cheap replica recently on the market. As quality must be maintain, WRH products are built to last. It is laser burn away the anodize black top layer on the aluminum, the…
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