Troop Entertainment

WR.kl.battr — Group photo before departure 11 June 2022

Left-new aluminum front plate, new circuit in original box. Right- Converted and highly detailed replica set of 2016. Now going to a new home.  

WR.kl.battr Original box—2 2 June 2020

Fully cleaned the old dirt and rust on iron removed, small pieces of wood fills the lost parts then patching up the damaged wood filler. Sand smooth and apply base color to observe any need for further work. Now the box is in one color and waiting for the wooden partitions, L shape aluminium wall,…
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WR.kl.battr Original box—1 2 June 2022

Lucky to obtained this original box, as a request to produce the front plate and its partitions for an original box, but I have an improved replica from Otto Lorenz only. As most of the boxes been stripped down after the war, nothing inside, and cut a knob at the side for cable out., The…
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My second WR.kl.battr half replica 29 December 2021

Both the original box and the new circuit mounted onto the laser cut front plate.  

WR.kl.battr DOOR replica-3 13 August 2017

Lucky when Fritz Knie saw my poorly made wooden pieces, he took measure of the unit, and sent me all the details of the wooden pieces. I asked the carpenter to make me these pieces and to make me a door too, As I love the old style work work to assemble a board by…
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WR.kl.battr DOOR replica-2 13 August 2017

Failed attempt. These wooden pieces look easy to copy, so tried to estimated the size by pics and cut out wooden pieces, the ‘finger’ block is quite difficult to make by my simple hand tools, but still in shape eventually. Put onto the door and its just not looking right. I don’t know the level…
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WR.kl.battr DOOR replica-1 13 August 2017

German design always either genius or over engineering, recent example was the DKE38 Batterie, those well placed stoppers on it wooden board door spent me long time to figure out its secret. Since I rebuilt my WR.kl. replica n last October, I am searching for the details of its door, and dug out its secret.…
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