Panzer Headset Replica Version W in Action

Happy user feedback from Danmark. Out Panzer Headset Version W in action in Silkeborg Bunkermuseum event, on 16-17 September 2023. Luckily it took only 5 days to reached there by normal air parcel. Here is the video clip of the event: ( From Silkeborg Bunkermuseum) Pz Headset Version W in action from Happy User:…
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Original Dfh.a on Leather Under Helmet Headbands

Both restored original Dfh.a ear[pieces are mounted onto the leather under helmet headbands. The functional one is on the replica headband. The display set is mounted onto the original headband. Immediately the different are shown, the original leather is too short for modern head size. The replica headband is long enough to wear.  

Happy Users Feedback–Dfh.a, Handmic

The Dfh.a headset the under helmet headbands and the Feind hört mit! Hand Microphone are another welcome pieces for field use. All items are intended to built for last but still has room for improvement, and the most variable feedback are the damage reports; broken connections, lost screws and broken cables…. One case was a…
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Happy Users Feedback–Panzer Personal Communication Sets in action & on Display.

More feedback when the Pz Headset and Throatmic launched. Both in action during events and on static display. If you found any pic not to be post let me know.

Happy Users Feed Back –Pz Headsets version P and version W, Rubber Earpads and Plugs

Over the years, many feedback from the happy owners of the Rubber Earpads,Pz Headsets version P and version W. Here are the pics they sent me. Let me know if any pics you don’t like to post.

Facebook AI Trap

Facebook sent me this today, was my old post 8 years ago. If I choose to repost, the SS logo should triggered the AI chain dog to block my Page. Be aware of these traps as they are digging out old pics was OK to post then but violated their daily amended social regulations. By…
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New Speaker for Panzer Headset to match with Intercom System

To match with the new Intercom system with volume adjustment knobs. A new thin 8 ohm 1.5W speaker is introduced to replace the old 6 ohm 16mm speaker. As the rubber earpads made the speaker away to the ears and forms a chamber for trapping sound, It allows the adjustment of the volume to counter…
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WH Restorer YouTube Channel

Recently opened a Youtube account under the name of WH Restorer. Mainly for storing my clips for attachment to this site and moving out from FB Page. Also to adds watermark ‘WH Restorer’ at lower right corner, as found my clips been use as someone posts without my approval. Not much on it now…
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Dream Came True–The Roots of the Panzer Personal Communication Set and Future Development

This is a box art cut out from a Tamiya 1/25 Panzer model kit by the famous artis Yoshiyuki Takani (高荷義之). I am keeping it since my youth under the clear cover of Brian David’s book ‘German Army Uniform & Insignia 1933-1945’. When I was young it was all new to me of this amazing…
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WHR Intercom System 1.0

Since the first launch of the Junction Box on Autumn 2017, to connect the headset and throatmic with normal two and three prong plugs to the walkie talkie and smartphone. The demand of an intercom system was constantly received, as the walkie talkie are unable to function inside a metal box. With the help from…
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