Fhf 38d Replica VS Original

The Dfh.b (Panzer) replica headset is 95% identical to original already , and most of the parts are interchangeable to original. This Fhf 39d has only two extra parts superimpose onto the headband and one of the housing; * The funnel shape cable inlet and * Press plates to secure the cable onto the head…
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Bunker Headset Original Rubber

A rusty specimen of an original Fhf 39d on the market by ‘Kpemig’ showing there is a full filling of the earpads which is new to me. Unlike the earpads for the Dfh.b (Panzer headset in collector’s term) which are hollow inside, these foam like material wrapped by a thin layer of rubber skin may…
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Bunker Headset Fhf 39d progress (December 2023)

The Bunker headset has only two pieces of different parts from Dfh.b. The funnel shape cable tube is produce by CNC in anodized black aluminum had received already. Looking really nice when compared with original.  But the press plate must be make by spring steel is still waiting. Should be within a week or two.…
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Panzer Headset Replica Version W in Action

Happy user feedback from Danmark. Out Panzer Headset Version W in action in Silkeborg Bunkermuseum event, on 16-17 September 2023. Luckily it took only 5 days to reached there by normal air parcel. Here is the video clip of the event: ( From Silkeborg Bunkermuseum) Pz Headset Version W in action from Happy User:…
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Original Dfh.a on Leather Under Helmet Headbands

Both restored original Dfh.a ear[pieces are mounted onto the leather under helmet headbands. The functional one is on the replica headband. The display set is mounted onto the original headband. Immediately the different are shown, the original leather is too short for modern head size. The replica headband is long enough to wear.  

Happy Users Feedback–Dfh.a, Handmic

The Dfh.a headset the under helmet headbands and the Feind hört mit! Hand Microphone are another welcome pieces for field use. All items are intended to built for last but still has room for improvement, and the most variable feedback are the damage reports; broken connections, lost screws and broken cables…. One case was a…
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Happy Users Feedback–Panzer Personal Communication Sets in action & on Display.

More feedback when the Pz Headset and Throatmic launched. Both in action during events and on static display. If you found any pic not to be post let me know.

Happy Users Feed Back –Pz Headsets version P and version W, Rubber Earpads and Plugs

Over the years, many feedback from the happy owners of the Rubber Earpads,Pz Headsets version P and version W. Here are the pics they sent me. Let me know if any pics you don’t like to post.

Facebook AI Trap

Facebook sent me this today, was my old post 8 years ago. If I choose to repost, the SS logo should triggered the AI chain dog to block my Page. Be aware of these traps as they are digging out old pics was OK to post then but violated their daily amended social regulations. By…
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