Version P &version W Today (17 January 2023)

Three headsets are on its way to new homes. These are the hot selling headsets since launched on Sept 2016 long before the full set available. It is a two way transmission in single wire. Able to speaks and hear with on single cable. And both are upgradeable to single way headset with two prong…
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Feind hört mit! Hand Microphone was in WHITE letters (9 January 2023)

The letters on the red PTT button of the first batch hand microphone was painted in black wash, as all my four original samples are in that color. But Thomas told me that all letters was in WHITE, the dark grey to black are actually the dirt accumulated over the decades. That’s why this batch…
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All Kind of Brown Nylon Cables (2 January 2023)

Working on days to assembling cables with brown nylon sleeves according to orders. All with matching plugs for difference purposes. All cables are 4mm in diameter, only the hand mic is in 5mm diameter which is a nightmare to assemble. ‘

The mounting of rubber earpads onto Dfh.a Kopfhörer (21 December 2022)

Yes and no to mount the rubber; The headband of the Dfk.a is close to head shape, there are no room for the rubber earpads. The earpiece of the Panzer Kopfhörer is 65mm in diameter. The earpiece of the Dfh.a is 63mm in diameter. The rubber earpads are designed to fits 65mm earpiece, so it…
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Leather Stitching–Headbands–Neckbands (9 December 2022)

More leather stitching works on headbands and neckbands. Then Panzer headset, throatmic and Dfh.a all need leather sleeves. Mass production factory do have machines to handle it. But all I have are my hands and time . Average 30 mins per neckband and Dfh.a headbands. But Pz headbands needs do needs 40mins plus provided that…
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Dfh.a Under Helmet Leather Headband Replica Pre sale–22 November 2022

Under Helmet Leather Headband with Dfh.a headset Not only use on mine detector but good for any other occasions for wearing with helmet. This headband replica is accurately replicated in two layers of leather with non magnetize metal brackets. Extended 10 cm addition length on chin strap to fit modern head size.   *Headband…
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Test run of the Pertrix tray.

Test run of the press molding. Almost as good as the original. Sharp, Clear and Deep press lines.

WR.kl.battr — Group photo before departure 11 June 2022

Left-new aluminum front plate, new circuit in original box. Right- Converted and highly detailed replica set of 2016. Now going to a new home.  

Replica vs Original Dfh.a headset

Replica vs Original. Dfh.a headset. Original at left. Replica at right. Almost all identical with additional length on extension slides, fits for modern head sizes with hats on.

My old Blog–Unteroffizier Simon Klaus 2012-2016

This is my old Blog -Unteroffizier Simon Klaus on 2012 to 2016 Mainly posted my old collection which was sold during my hardship days. And the building of the Torn Fu d2 replica which was developed to a small business until today. And the early phase of the Panzert headset development.