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Wall Mount for the Bakelite Accessories Lantern Box

Learn a new thing every day, always wondering what is the purposes of the round patches, metal plates and hole on the Bakelite Zubehör box. The German design are up to the tiny details, now found out it is prefect matching the hooks, nut and straps of the metal wall mount. Here is my restored…
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Wall Mount for Bakelite Accessories Lantern Box Restoration

Knew nothing of the wall mount, not until received mails from a collector showing his rare collections of the lantern stuff, but no close-up details. Weeks later a rusty plate aroused on eBay which I saw it before and paid no attention then, it’s the most wanted wall mount. Sofort-Kaufenfor for 45e. It came three…
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The function of T Panel with Slider

The German designed such an interesting T panel to be insert to the back of the Bakelite lantern housing with it in candle mode. It was the design from the brass Reichswehrlaterne, an exact copy in Bakelite. Always welcome more information of this combination or its manual. But only found a manual of the metal…
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T panel (T blende mit schieber) in the Box

Typical German design as everything are tight fits and pack together. There is a specify slot for the T panel in the Lantern Box 37. It is located at the first slot of the color glass frames. Very happy that my replica T panel fits in very well. Also glued a broken red and green…
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T Panel with Slider Replica assembling

On the content list there is an item: T blende mit schieber, zum vorrat T panel with slider, to stock Which is extremely difficult to find, only two group of pics had been found. So why not build one by a donor relic Bakelite lantern. As all it needs is a flat Bakelite piece, two…
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Ffh 39d (Festungsfernhörer 39 doppelt) Bunker Headset

Searching  for this headset for couple of years, finally got this set but the last owner had modified it from five pins phone plug to audio two prong plug and still functioning. How lackey I were. Put on a pair of orange brown rubber pads to distinguish it from the Panzer headsets I own. It…
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Juwel 33- Funnel

Finally the funnel came, my Gustav Barthel Juwel 33 is almost completed, picking up bits and pieces to complete the spare part box, some parts are not for 33. Bit by bit the set comes together. That’s the joy of collection. But waste a lot on useless parts and postage. Its fine as long as…
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Juwel 33

Thanks for Fritze Knie to found me the Juwel 33 stove and guild me to start up the fire. I was almost purchase a Juwel 34, and he stopped me in time. Was knew nothing between the 33 and 34 then.

Trinkwasser 5L

My one and only Trinkwasser 5L, sitting at the corner for months, as RAL paint is not available here, tried many paint but not match at all. not until found the MTN paint, the project had duly completed. Next phase—aging.

Bunkerofen Wehrmacht with Pipes

To complete the bunkerrofen a pipe with rain hood are needed. From the opening at the top of the oven the required size is 7.2cm diameter. Amazingly it is easy to found on Amazon, eBay and individual sellers as well as China. The correct term is stove pipes or chimney pipe for wood stove in…
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