My Collection

Wehrmacht Handsirene JURK 1940

Totally restored this handheld siren, but no pics found to support it is an issued item to the front line troops or it is a Luftschutz item. However there is a Waffenamt mark found on the stand in double stamped WaA38. By JURK Sirenfabrik Radeberg (Sn) 1940, no.3424. It should be for troop level to…
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Oakleaf camo tunic made by Bud’s fabric on eBay

On October 2022 there was two camo tunics and some pieces of fabrics are selling on eBay. The seller is actually 1944 Militaria, but I don’t know the tunics are  recent made or new old stock. Bought one but not my size, the fabric is brand new.  

Panzer Wrap from Bud O’Toole

Really lucky to obtained this Oak Panzer wrap 1980 repro, fabric printed by my mentor the late Bud O’Toole. As I posted his pics on 2016 and on my Website, lead the trade came to me Perfectly fits me and well worn but in good condition, only minor damaged needs to be repair. Thank you…
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Unusual Headset ‘LOL’

Friend sent me this pic. For sale in a small antique shop somewhere in Czech.

Relic Throatmic Housings

Obtained a relic lot to play with in my yard years ago. Made everywhere dirt and rust and wife almost kill me. The metal neck bands rotten away, only the Bakelite housing left behind, also the speech capsules dropped out when the retaining screw melted. Piece of the neckband steel is still sandwiched between the…
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Kmf.b changed to correct plug

The good old kmf.b came with a big brown plug, but I didn’t have knowledge then and looks good. Not until last month I had dug out a relic plug from my spare box and gave a new look to the set. Fun to put my first kmf.b (2016) and the latest replica Panzer Throatmic…
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Throatmic switches in my collection

Over the year collecting relics and swapping bits and pieces. Now looking back what I have collected found quite a few different versions of switches from the throatmics. And interesting to find all these big flat boxes are listed as Panzer throat microphone on eBay. Actually these are from the Flak headsets.   Left to…
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Original Cardboard Box for Panzer Kopfhörer

Thank you for this beautiful gift from T Corner. He sent me this original cardboard box for Panzer Kopfhöreron after he received his Panzer headset version W. The box is in good condition only had some tear at on corner, its an easy fixed by white glue. On one side it has a big red…
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My first throatmic Kmf b

My first throatmic (Kmf b) from eBay on 2015, came without plug, bought any three prong plug available then to match with it. Based on this sample and other relic of neckbands, speech capsules and switch the replica throatmic had born. It is still on display in my room, but not until now recalled the…
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Dfh.b 43 Restoration

This was a relic headset bought from eBay on 2017, as the price was affordable and all completed but rusty. And this is a good training and reference for developing my replica Pz headsets projects.