SF14Z Gi & RK31 Family Group Photo (January 2024)

When searching the sinking old post of my FB Page found nothing of my SF14Z Gi mounted on tripod 31. Also haven’t post its transport case in full gear condition. When the weather was allowed tried to take a group photos so dug out all my tripods, SF14Z in its case, RK31 with wooden and…
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RK31 Richtkreis 31 Completed Sets of Wooden and Leather Carrying Cases (April 2022)

Was not intended to keep two full sets of RK31, as the first scope was almost in relic status but in low price. I was too ignorance to dream of restoring it easily, but it took almost two years to achieved. During this period a good set was found in Norway in very low price…
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RK31 Wooden Carrying Case (May 2020)

The RK31 Richtkreis aiming circle with all its accessories in wooden carrying case. The box been removed all details inside after the war and the optic unit been repainted in Norwegian green. Some said the box should be preserved as it is, but this is not to apply to my collection as the old wood…
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RK31 on Small expandable scissor telescope frame (Kleines spreizbares Scherenfernrohrgestell) (March 2020))

This funny little tripod was designed for the SF14Z. This was my playing with RK31 mounted onto the Kleines spreizbares Scherenfernrohrgestell on 2020. As long as the shaft and the locking tube are standardize most devices and tripods are matching. It is the results of the German Engineering after all.   

RK31 mounted on Small Tropod 31–Kleines Gestell 31 (February 2024)

Happy to put together of my second RK31 from its leather carrying cases onto the Kleines Gestell 31. Which fulfilled the Waffen SS soldat in the pic. Don’t know where to carrying the Messkreis, may be in a leather pouch like this.

RK31 with Lighting Device for Reticle (Beleuchtungsgerät für Strichplatte) (February 2024)

All German optics has equipped with lighting devices for luminating its reticle. Some carrying a Head Lamp box ‘Beleuchtungsgerät für Strichplatte’. And some carrying in its carrying cases or leather pouches. This sample is from its wooden carrying case with the following items: Twin socket with on/off switch. Hand touch Reticle insert  Battery box

RK31 mounted on Gestell 31 (February 2024)

The RK31 could be mount on any tripod, in  this case mounted on the simplified Gestell 31. Together with the second Messkreis looking really nice.

Separate the RK31 Video chip

Always wondering what is the purpose of the folded rulers at the mid section of the RK31.When the pedals pressed the ruler swung out and joined at center, how cool it is!! But how to use? Not until Thomas O’Brian told me it can be separate when unscrewed the screw deep inside the center tube.…
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Replacement Shaft for RK31 Container Box

The missing piece. The shaft stand in most of the (RK31) Richkreis aiming scope in the transportation case are always missing, saw only few cases has retained it. This robust brass replica with four 2.5mm holes on exact spots at the floor of the case, base diameter 66mm x 2mm thick, 13.5 mm dia x…
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Leather Carrying Strap for RK31 leather pouches Set

The belt loops on the RK31 leather pouches are designed for link up by one single leather strap, which forms a single unit with main body, scope and lighting system. Assembled a 1.8m long leather strap for such task. Spent some time to went through all these loops, struggling to made it through without damage…
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