Optic Related

Replacement Shaft for RK31 Container Box

The missing piece. The shaft stand in most of the (RK31) Richkreis aiming scope in the transportation case are always missing, saw only few cases has retained it. This robust brass replica with four 2.5mm holes on exact spots at the floor of the case, base diameter 66mm x 2mm thick, 13.5 mm dia x…
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Felt Set for Headlamp Box

Was request by friend to supply the felt cushions for restore his box. The 5mm thick grey felt is pre cut to the following sizes: One piece of 145 x 50 x 5mm One piece of  80 x 50 x 5mm $5 plus postage. Related items: Stencil: https://www.whrestorer.com/stencil-for-headlamp-box/ Spare bulbs Container https://www.whrestorer.com/spare-bulbs-storage-block-for-headlamp-box/

Stencil for Headlamp Box

Beleuchtungsgerät für Strichplatte–Lighting Device for Reticle   Stencil for headlamp Box–$18 Related items: *Spare bulb container https://www.whrestorer.com/spare-bulbs-storage-block-for-headlamp-box/ *Felt Set

The True Replica 4+5 Power Plug

The True Replica Power plug is available now. 5mm and 4mm brass cores with Beryllium copper straps. Beryllium copper features best elasticity and conductivity. Single plug $54 Ready made Plug with 6mm cable x 50cm with leather enforcement $38 + $54=$92 Special Promotion price $88. The power plug for optic lighting devices is always a…
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Spare bulbs storage block for Headlamp box

Spare bulbs storage block for Headlamp box with 11x 6V bulbs–$83 Most of the survived ‘Beleuchtungsgerät für Strichplatte’ boxes been emptied the partitions, even with metal partitions the wooden block at the middle was useless to the new owners. For any restoration project, this block is a must. Related Items: Stencil for Headlamp Box http://Stencil…
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Replica Bag for German Small Tripod

Replica Bag for German Small Tripod Tasche für Kleines spreizbares Scherenfernrohrgestell Replica Bag for German Small Tripod US$88+$12 postage worldwide. The original bag is too fragile to hold the tripod which is only to keep as reference, This exact replica bag is made of heavy canvas and leather with correct padding support inside, fits to…
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French SPRI PUTEUX 6x monocular for sale.

French SPRI PUTEUX 6x monocular for sale —$280 plus shipping. Pre WWII old new stock from French Army surplus. French optics was widely adopted by the German after occupied France. Clean body with original paint, minor scratches by the interior of the pouch, clear markings, sliding tube and turning top section, folding handle smooth movement,…
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Replacement Level Bubble with Housing for SF09 SF14Z RK31 and many other more…

Many Optic Azimuth drums for SF09, Sf14z or RK31 lost its level bubbles. This replacement level bubble with housing comes with two M2.5 sink head slot screws fits perfectly. 3D housing with 18mm x 9mm clear filling white base black circle level bubble. $45 free potage world wide.

Replacement Level Bubble for Period German Optics

Level bubble replacement–$18 free postage. 18mm diameter x 9mm White spirit black ring. Fits most German optics like SF.14Z, RK 31.